The next four months…

… will look like this. Once August 30th has arrived, it will be one big haze until the start/middle of October. We’re looking at about six super busy weeks for our team. In these weeks we’ll each be competing with our own respective guilds to clear the Emerald Nightmare as quickly as possible. This means that during this time, there will be radio silence from all of us. Of course we can answer your general questions, but anything that affects competitive play will not be answered.
timeline launch

This will be fun

When I initially started, I needed other shamans to join me. Having assembled my team, we had our first real ‘meeting’ on TS. This was one of the best things ever! To be able to discuss all our approaches, experiences and opinions with such high caliber resto shamans was nothing short of amazing. We were all overwhelmed by it, and it created a strong foundation for the launch of this site.
After progression is over (add a margin of a few weeks), we’ll have another one of those meetings. This is when we will write the new mythic boss guides (again from a resto shaman perspective), and finalize our builds. This doesn’t mean however, we can’t provide you guys with information that allows you to head into the expansion with confidence. Here’s my plan for now:

  • Our completely overgrown ‘Ask us anything’ thread will be archived (but still available) under something like ‘Ask us anything: HFC edition’. Making room for a new thread for the Emerald Nightmare.
  • Our boss guides will also be archived under HFC, making room for mythic resto shaman Emerald Nightmare boss guides (due after progress).

Then the somewhat undecided part, our ‘how to play’ section. Right now there is a BiS list, leveling guides and info on our builds. Here’s my thoughts:

  • BiS list will be published after progress, together with the boss guides.
  • The leveling guide can be updated with preliminary suggestions – to be finalized after leveling / progress has been completed (more for the alt resto shamans).
  • The build section can have preliminary stat, talent and rotation suggestions which (again) will be finalized after progress.


Do you have any suggestions?

What things do you want to know before we (the writers) finish progress in EN (Emerald Nightmare)? Did I miss something? If so, please mention it in the comment section.


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This is going to sound like a strange request but, in your guide you say use cloudburst on cooldown but waiting a bit so it releases after a big hit or something, would that be even more worth it? I’d like to get some more explanation on cloudburst totem.


Thanks for everything you do!


Great. Looking forward to see your opinion on EN from a resto shaman perspective after the progress is done.