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Trinkets can be found in a wide variety of manners, from world quests and the auction house to raid bosses. In this article we will address three things:

  • Our overall ranking of the current trinkets
  • An insight into what trinkets some of the top resto shamans are currently using
  • Which trinkets are out there and where you can find them


The 5 best trinkets


  1. Velen’s Future Sight
  2. The Deceiver’s Grand Design
  3. Sea Star of the Depthmother
  4. Unstable Arcanocrystal
  5. Stat Stick (Intellect + Any secondary)
  6. Archive of Faith

Please note that these lists can easily change, based on your stats, the current fight or the trinket’s item level. One way of calculating trinket effectiveness is by running your logs through our ‘Splashystats’ spreadsheet. This link right here takes you to the spreadsheet and explanation.


What others are using

  • Maeveycakes – Deceiver’s Grand Design, Sea Star of the Depthmother & Velen’s Future Sight (depending on the fight)
  • Lytheia – Archive of Faith & Velen’s Future Sight
  • Sensations – Deceiver’s Grand Design & Sea Star of the Depthmother
  • Tym – Deceiver’s Grand Design & Sea Star of the Depthmother
  • Dunderz – Deceiver’s Grand Design & Velen’s Future Sight


Available trinkets


  • Darkmoon Deck Promises (upgradable): This trinket is lackluster for shaman, as we lack a need for large amounts of mana reduction, and also lack the number of casts to make it very effective.
  • Darkmoon Card Hellfire (upgradable): This trinket is decent for shaman, rated approximately evenly with a ‘stat stick’ of equivalent item level.
  • Infernal Alchemist Stone (upgradable): Has a proc that increases intellect, as well as increasing the effectiveness of healing and mana potions by 40%. This trinket is not bad for a fresh level 110 shaman but quickly devalues in relation to other trinkets.


World Bosses

  • Unstable Arcanocrystal: Offers a lot of secondaries, which is fantastic as we scale incredibly well with secondary stats. This trinket is very powerful and will be stronger than most options at the equivalent item level.
  • Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm: Similar to Unstable Arcanocrystal, but features intellect as opposed to additional secondaries. Similar to Arcano, it will be stronger than most options at the equivalent item level.



Most of the trinkets for 5 mans are relatively lackluster. Below are the few that are useful, should you find yourself looking to farm mythics(+)/heroics for trinkets (or be so lucky to have an occasional big proc).

  • Dreadstone of Endless Shadows: This is by far the best trinket from dungeons. Functioning exactly like Celestial Star Map from Nigthold, it has 3 separate procs that each proc once per minute.
  • Thrumming Gossamer: While not fantastic, this trinket is definitely one of the best out of heroics. It would make an excellent addition to any new character.


The Tomb of Sargeras

  • Barbaric Mindslaver: Has a chance to heal targets being healed for an additional amount, proccing more when at low mana. A large amount of flat intellect is the only reason this trinket holds any real value. The proc is not dependable and can result in large amounts of overheal.
  • Charm of the Rising Tide: Once every 90 seconds, the on use can be used to grant a stacking haste buff, as long as the caster remains stationary. Not a bad trinket, although it can be very difficult to stand still for 10-second intervals during raid encounters. Can be powerful when used in conjunction with Healing Tide Totem and Ancestral Guidance.
  • Chalice of Moonlight (Day): Grants a critical strike proc between 06.00 and 18.00 server time. While not useless, stat proc trinkets are always less desirable than static values, as they do not offer consistent results.
  • Chalice of Moonlight (Night): Grants a haste proc between 18.00 and 06.00 server time. While not useless, stat proc trinkets are always less desirable than static values, as they do not offer consistent results.
  • Sea Star of the Depthmother: This trinket is incredibly powerful, as the smart heal will feed into Cloudburst Totem, Ancestral Guidance, and Ascendance. It normally does around 5% of your healing.
  • Archive of Faith: Once per minute, the caster can channel a heal, followed by an absorb into a single target (normally a tank). If you are able to consistently use this trinket while maintaining a low overheal on it, it is quite strong. Unfortunately, it does tend to have a large overheal amount. The healing feeds Cloudburst Totem, Ancestral Guidance, and Ascendance.
  • The Deceiver’s Grand Design: An incredibly powerful trinket. The on use allows the user to roll a Heal Over Time on targets over the course of an encounter, that procs an absorb if the target drops under an HP threshold. The healing provided feeds into Cloudburst Totem, Ancestral Guidance and Ascendance. If you are able to roll the Heal Over Time on people that will need consistent healing without “eating” the effect too quickly, this trinket is very potent. It excels when there is constant damage, but no burst to break the heal over time early. Can run it on a holy paladin running Aura of Sacrifice for a great healing boost.




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