Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here! 


For this post we will go through the different trinkets and try to elaborate on their ‘value’.


Trinkets in Hellfire Citadel:


Demonic Phylactery

Drops from: Socrethar the Eternal

This is by far the strongest trinket of the bunch. Not only because it has valuable passive stats in intellect and haste, but also because of the potential mana regen gained by this trinket. It exceeds anything we’ve had so far and we consider this to be your default trinket choice. Additionally, the more haste you get, the faster you cast. The faster you cast, the more casts you can make within the same time period. The more casts per time period, the more mana ‘saved’ by this trinket. Making this trinket become more valuable as you gear up (and haste levels usually increase). We tried to display this effect in the table below.

Table Demonic Phylactery mana


Flickering Felspark

Drops from: Hellfire Assault

Great all-round trinket. This trinket is very valuable on fights with steady healing going out all the time. It has our most valuable stats on it passively. We want to emphasize passive, these stats are always ticking and you can count on your healing being there when you need it. Dunderz received this trinket with a socket, making it a lot more valuable to him to the regular mythic Intuition’s Gift. Your choice in the second trinket slot will ultimately depend on what trinkets you can get your hands on, what playstyle you have and whether you get one warforged and/or socketed.


Intuition’s Gift

Drops from: Kilrogg Deadeye

This is the trinket you want, when you have to burst heal damage taken. This happens a lot on later bosses such as Fel Lord Zakuun, Mannoroth and Archimonde. The absolute maximum crit gained from this trinket (calculated as an average, depending on max uptime) can be seen in the table below.

This trinket is best when you know how to maximize its effectiveness. When a fight allows you to do so, will decide whether you should pick this over Flickering Felspark or not. This trinket will lose value the second you don’t use it on cooldown, and you still want it paired with every Healing Tide Totem you drop. It makes it harder to gain the ultimate value, but then again it will be stronger than Flickering Felspark if utilized to perfection.


Table Intuition's Gift crit


Halu: ‘Use this trinket with well-timed Healing Tide Totems’.


Unstable Felshadow Emulsion

Drops from: Xhul’horac

The trinket with the highest amount of passive spirit (from this tier). The leech effect it has is difficult to value. It varies a lot from fight to fight, and should not be considered as baseline for all encounters. This trinket does not proc/benefit from your totem healing. The way this trinket ‘records’ your healing is like the way Resolve works for tanks. It will keep track of ‘heals received’ over a certain duration, and calculate the amount of leech the person will be granted. It continuously calculates the healing done over a period of 10 seconds, and gives leech based on that.

Depending on your healer setup and the fight, this trinket can output anywhere between 5-15% of your healing, it will naturally lose value as there is less to heal. The Feast of Souls on Gorefiend is probably the best moment to shine for this trinket. People are going to have massive amounts of leech ticking on them and shouldn’t be able to die because of it during this phase. Our general idea is that if this drops, it would be more valuable on a druid or a monk. This is due to how their healing works, keeping hots on everyone in the raid, giving them greater uptime on the trinket.

Be aware that since the healing from this trinket is not recorded by healing meters like Skada and Recount, you will need to use other means to see the effectiveness. There are add-on’s that will report the healing done by the trinket at the end of the fight to you and/or the raid.


Core of the Primal Elements

Drops from: Archimonde

Getting out additional riptides is a great concept, but the trinket has an underwhelming feel to it. First of all, the way it procs is very disappointing. It duplicates the actual riptide it procs on. This means, if you have a 5 second riptide out and that causes the trinket to proc, the ‘procced’ riptide would copy this duration and thus only last for 5 seconds. On the other hand, it has no beneficial stats unlike the other trinkets. Therefore, the effect alone has to account for the loss of regen compared to other trinkets. Not to mention the output stats you would let go as well. All of this taken into account has made us avoid this trinket at all cost. Unless you really have nothing else to work with.


Transitioning from Blackrock Foundry to Hellfire Citadel:

We can imagine you being stuck with an old trinket from Blackrock Foundry far up in Hellfire Citadel progression. It takes a bit of luck to get a good set of trinkets early on. Even Keehn killed Archimonde with the mythic warforged trinket from Blast Furnace. Therefore, we decided to list a few of the old (BRF) trinkets, the crafted trinket and heroic/mythic HFC drops to give you an idea of how we value them. The idea is simple: The trinkets on top we regard best. The lower you get, the less we like them. We decided not to assign values to the trinkets. The theoretical effectiveness does not always equal the effectiveness in practice. This is especially true for healer trinkets.


Table trinkets HFC overview


Dropping spirit:

So far, none of us has dropped a regen trinket. Not because we don’t want to, but because we need (and want) them. Spirit is a very valuable stat to us and fights still take too long to afford dropping it. Additionally, with Warlords of Draenor healers gain only spirit on neck, cloak, rings and trinkets. Therefore, dropping a spirit piece has a lot of impact. If you want to experiment with lowering your spirit, we suggest you swap in the neck from Xhul’horac: Vial of Immiscible Liquid. This neck has both critical strike and mastery. Our team saw a second opportunity in swapping out your ring for Tyrant Velhari’s Loathful Encrusted Band (with Mastery and Multistrike).


Halu: ‘Swapping out your neck has a lot of impact since necks with spirit don’t have mastery on it. Keep ring and cloak with spirit, because they already have perfect stats’.


We actually published a full BiS list! Curious? Check the HFC ‘Best in Slot’ list (BiS) :).

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Just a note (and not sure if anyone else said this, i looked but might have missed it) but Skada can record how much leech is healing if you get the small “add on” for it. Of course only are are seeing it at the time but it does help you see how much leech is doing for you on each fight so you can decide which fights you want to use it on based on your raid comp and how you heal.


Looking at this trinket list.. i’m slightly confused.

Why is IG and Felspark being rated higher than UFE? I understand that both of those trinkets are better for parsing.. and whoring to get ranks, however for progress it’s clearly visible from logs that UFE outperform both these trinkets (even on a shaman).


What’s the reasoning behind putting IG and Felspark ahead of UFE? – IG (to tie with your CD’s is useless since HTT already overheals [Thus being a waste using the trinket with it at the same time]) and felspark is just a flat stat gain – albeit a nice one.. but does it really outperform UFE? – It’d be interesting to see some maths behind why you rate IG and Felspark ahead of UFE.


The listing of trinkets is purely from a personal perspective, we all value trinkets differently depending on what our goal is. Looking at the people wanting to do rankings and see the actual character do the healing (Greater part of our team), you will naturally go with a trinket that automatically allocates its healing contribution to you. This is, at least for my case, what keeps the game interesting after being done with progress.

It is true that the potency of the leech trinket is at times a lot higher than the other trinkets, but it is a bit harder for everybody to keep track of. We’ve had a lot of people wanting to have their logs reviewed either because they think they are behind themselves or because others say they underperform. In quite a few cases we see that these people are using the leech trinket and therefore they will naturally be doing lower throughput than the healers not wearing it. The problem here is though that none of them take that healing into consideration when looking at their numbers. The odds of getting the trinket is still rather low, considering that the power of this trinket is better utilized on a monk or a druid.

And I would by no means call IG or Flickering Felspark useless when solohealing, what greater thing than to pop crit trinket and see a strained raid suddenly pop to full health?


Trinket Question – Running with Mythic Felspark (solid all round trinket), and using Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia (+416 Mastery, and Int proc).  I have the Demonic Phylactery Normal only.  As well as Heroic Archi Class Trinket.

I have been switching out my second trinket all the time trying to find the best to run with, yet still having issues.  My mana has been not too bad for most fights (timed perfectly to be OOM at end, with Channeled Mana used) hence me using the Shadowmoon Insignia.  have yet to see a real benefit to using class trinket.

Same issue as others, I can only use what has dropped and have.


Ok, just to make sure my thinking is correct… I have Mythic Gift, Mythic Felspark, and Heroic Core, I should be using Mythic Gift and Felspark nearly 100% of the time. Correct?


If you don’t have Demonic Phylactery then yes, I would run with Intuition’s Gift and Flickering Felspark 100% of the time.


Thank You. Resto is my OS, so I take what I can get 😉 Those are the best trinkets I have so far. I do enjoy playing Resto, and with our Mythic progression on Gorefiend, my team is asking my to heal.


My guild has yet to see a M. Phylactery  trinket….Wth, blizz.? 🙁 it’s been 6 weeks and not 1 has dropped or BR’d.