Relative totem spot to the shamans position.

School of elements

All of your totems belong to a specific school of elements. In total there are four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

When you place your totems, depending on what school they belong to, they will always land in a specific place relative to your characters position. For example, if you drop an Air totem, it will always be dropped to your characters left back.

This is extremely relevant for totems like Spirit Link Totem, where proper positioning makes a big difference in effectiveness and survivability.

It is important to know to what school your totems belong. Because if you place two of the same school at the same time, one will cancel out the other. For example, if you drop Healing Tide Totem and subsequently Healing Stream Totem, the second will cancel the first (Totemic Persistence is a talent that deals with this).

Overview of all the basic totems

All the default totems and their effects. Each placed in the element class it belongs to. 

All totems and their possible modifications

And last but not least.. there are a few ways your can modify your generic totem handling.

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4 years ago

Hey guys. First of all, really nice and detailed diagrams – two thumbs up! I have a question about the minor glyph, Totemic Encirclement. I’ve always avoided this minor glyph because in my opinion, it crowds the screen and battlefield more by producing unnecessary elements… there’s already a million different spell effects flying around, why should there be four extra totems on the ground not doing anything. My question though, is does this minor glyph adjust the position of any of our totems even slightly? The diagram got me thinking

4 years ago

One question I had, was running through my head when reading this. When using Projection, it relocates all active totems. If i’m relocating more than one totem, i.e. a Searing Totem and a Spirit Link, does their final position end up like the diagram to the left of the opening paragraph, with an imaginary shaman in the middle, or do they all stack on top of each other as was mentioned in the comments when using Persistence? Cheers.

4 years ago

I am a huge fan of totemic projection with EoE and getting 2x the use out of each SLT. Especially on fights where there are 2(or more) separate stack groups. Drop it on your ranged/healer group, let it get 1-2 pulses and then move it on over to the tank/melee group.

4 years ago

I feel this was a great post to make, since most sites I’ve encountered skip over these basics or foundations that are very important to our class. I’ve seen projected SLT losing their effectiveness due to the Shaman not realizing that placement matters.