Dorelei: In ‘The shaman meet up’, I have a chat with a shaman that is actively creating content for the community, answering questions or spreading positivity and entertainment. I ran into Cinder and her work in multiple places on the internet. She started playing at the same time as I did, plays a (resto) shaman, and creates content. Many reasons to go say hi, and create another episode!

In the name of love

Cinder’s boyfriend had been playing WoW since the start of the game. Pants would drop and he would get excited over it. She did not really understand why this was so innervating. One day, some time after they moved in together, he made her a mage. She started playing and soon realized: ‘I need my own account’. At this point, Dragon Soul had been released (early 2012).

A lot of wandering and wondering

Cinder is someone that wanders around in the game. Get’s distracted, and loves discovering everything in WoW. It is one of those things I personally miss currently, hoping for it to return in Legion. However, every now and then you run into someone that still holds and expresses that attitude. Cinder stood out to me, in a see of negativity that surrounds the shut-down of Nostalrius (a ‘vanilla’ server created by fans), and other ‘grave dissapointments’ of the general forum public. She does prefer questing alone, as most people can’t keep up with her being distracted all the time as she moves through the zones. That is also why she loves being on a PvE server. No wild interruptions of her journeys in-world, and no afk-ganking.

Cinder on a mission at the Argent Tournament.
Cinder on a mission at the Argent Tournament.


I asked her about her journey to becoming a shaman

She started playing a mage, which remained her damage dealer for a long time. She loved playing her holy paladin next to that. Her boyfriend had been trying to get her to play a character that was a damage dealer and healer in one, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She dabbled into shamanism mid-pandaria, and loved it immediately, but only raided a little bit in Siege. It was not until Warlords that she really got to raid as a shaman full time.

I ran into multiple things you created, can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Cinder started on Tumblr, because she loves taking screenshots, and  would reblog other people’s things. But there wasn’t a lot of place to write about what she was doing, so she switched to a blog eventually. Additionally, Cinder participates in – not one but- two podcasts! Battletagged (each forthnight) and Reins of Azeroth (every week). Battletagged is a podcast built on the remnants of her previous guild. They had stopped raiding after killing Archimonde heroic. They found themselves with so much to talk about, that they decided to make a podcast. Reins of Azeroth is a podcast series dedicated to collecting mounts in WoW. They started in the beginning of this year (2016) and already arrived at 12 episodes. A very entertaining and positive series, right in the heart of every mount collector.

What are you currently up to in WoW?

I am currently trialling with a 13/13 mythic guild. We used to be in this really nice guild: great people, great meet-ups even. But they were not interested in doing mythic, so we had to find another raid team. I have had a bucket list on my blog, of all the things I want to do before Legion. There’s only a handful of things left. I didn’t expect to be doing mythics now. I just hope I can clear all bosses myself before Legion. On top of that, I am getting all my professions ready, since they will be working a little bit different. I want to have complimentary professions, especially the gathering ones. So far, I found Tanaan Jungle to be amazing for leveling mining. You can start at level 1 and you get felblights too!

If Cinder were to retire WoW (which we all hope she doesn't), this is where she would leave Cinderstorm.
If Cinder were to retire WoW (which we all hope she doesn’t), this is where she would leave Cinderstorm.


A little while ago, Blizzard (finally) created Oceanic servers.

Cinder lives in Australia. Thefore, I was curious how she experiences the new Oceanic servers. Blizzard created dedicated Oceanic servers a few months before Warlords of Draenor.
The latency is so much better! It’s amazing how much it affected our ability to play wow. It really makes a difference. We were on US servers before, but there already was a bundle of servers that were for Oceanic people. So you were able to play with people that were geographically close to you. We were excited that Ascension was top 3 for a while – they were an Oceanic horde guild on Barthilas. We were cheering them on, but they got stuck. Hopefully, we will see more Oceanic guilds in the raid race.

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