The artifact! The weapon that we will be carrying around for the entire Legion expansion. Ours wasn’t entirely without drama, as the name has changed three times. It started out as The Scepter of Azshara. That name was a no-go as a similar named item is already in the game. In an heroic cataclysm dungeon, so not cool (apparently). Hence, they changed it to the Caduceus of Azshara. My least favorite name as it sounds a bit clunky to my (Dutch) ears, but luckily that one didn’t stick around either. And now we seem to have settled down on version number 3:  Sharas’dal, Scepter of the Tides. This is also the name of the first tier of forms our artifact will take on.

Tier 1: Sharas’dal, Scepter of the Tides

This first tier is mostly unlocked by questing through the main story lines of the zones and your order hall.
Sharasdal tier 1

  • Blue version – This is the default look
  • Green version – Unlocked when your recover one of the Pillars of creation. If you quest through the main story line of a zone (finished by doing a quest in a dungeon), you will obtain a pillar.
  • Yellow version – Unlocked by recovering Lights Heart for the quest. An object acquired during your first major order hall campaign.
  • Purple version – Unlocked when you finish your first major order hall campaign. This unlocked at the same time as the Lights Heart.


Tier 2: Scepter of the Deep

This second tier mostly continues on the efforts you made for the first. Made with the same base model, but with two globes added. Swirling around the scepter.
Scepter of the deep

  • Blue version – Unlocked by completing the class hall campaign, for us that is the Allegiance of Flame.
  • Green version – Unlocked by unlocking every artifact trait. At this point is is rumored to take a few months (I’m guessing 2-3).
  • Purple version – Unlocked by researching the full history of your artifact. Done by queueing work orders at Gorma Windspeaker.
  • Yellow version – Unlocked by the achievement This Side Up. Requiring to solve 8/13 possible rare archeology finds on the Broken Isles.


Tier 3: Titanborn

The third tier of artifact looks, with a distinct modular look. Reminding me a lot about the challenge mode style weapons from Warlords or Draenor. Different parts moving in and out, with lightning effects. These looks are unlocked by doing PvE content.
Titanborn v2

  • Blue version – Unlocked by the quest Balance of Power, unlocking the achievement Improving on History. No one knows what this means. Probably not in the game yet.
  • Green version – Unlocked by the achievement Unleashed Monstrosities. Requiring you to kill word bosses on the Broken Isles.
  • Yellow version – Unlocked by completing a challenge mode with a level 15 keystone. Although other achievements say you have to complete a level 2 keystone dungeon within the time. Not entirely clear yet.
  • Red version – Unlocked by either completing Glory of the Legion Hero , or by defeating Gul’dan and obtaining Betrayer’s Rise. Probably the first.



The fourth and final tier of the artifact, and fully focussed on PvP. You can unlock the different colors by grinding prestige levels. As I understand it this is an alternate system (seperate from honor) that allows you to farm your way to cosmetic rewards. If I’m not mistaken this will work like grinding the Booty Bay vs. Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation. You either farm honor or you farm prestige. Please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below as I had a hard time finding out about unlocking these final four looks.

Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

What about the Frozen Fate and Serpent’s Coil skins?