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A little nudge

Anything can happen, honestly. We probably won’t see ourselves actively running the talents marked with red (as the description indicates), a lot of other scenario’s are still possible. This topic is a little bit difficult for us to answer. We understand that you guys would love to see us coming up with a default build. But that build will take shape during the pre-patch (for the pre-patch), and during progress (in Legion). What we can do is provide you a little nudge in the right direction.

Talents Pre-patch v3

Talking about talents

Level 15:
  • Undulation: This talent is not going to see the light of day very often. It has a clunky way for activation and it’s difficult to ensure that you have it up and ready once you desperately need it. Very niche fights might encourage this, imagine shrooms on Brackenspore that you continuously have to heal.
  • Unleash Life: Since it was turned into a talent it lost its movement speed increase, but on the other hand it gained a massive increase to its initial heal. It will have situational uses where you could benefit from supercharging a Chain Heal every so often. (Will not buff the healing done by Wellspring).
  • Torrent: This is the most versatile of the lot and the simplest to implement. It will add a lot of value to a spell that is already being used heavily.
Level 30:
  • Gust of Wind: Finally a gap-closer for resto shamans, sadly there aren’t a lot of scenarios where having a gap closer is needed.
  • Graceful Spirit: This will be the strongest choice on a fight to fight basis, since it will effectively make us able to move while casting for 25% of an encounter.
  • Wind Rush Totem: Great for encounters that require group mobility for an extended period over a narrow path. Will be quite situational.
Level 45:
  • Lightning Surge Totem: A 5 second stun on a 45 second cooldown, that triggers after 2 seconds. It can be useful for a lot of encounters where you need to either trap mobs or free up tanks.
  • Earthgrab Totem: A pulsing AoE root can be beneficial for some mechanics. Slowing/rooting ghosts on Socrethar or Living Shadows on Archimonde.
  • Voodoo Totem: Not very useful in raiding scenarios, you rarely need to hex a group of mobs during an encounter.
Level 60:
  • Crashing Waves: Not as powerful as it was in the early days of beta, but it still has its uses for single-target heavy fights. Will make spell-weaving feel more fluid just from adding an additional stack of Tidal Waves.
  • Ancestral Guidance: An additional cooldown, which might appeal to the broadest amount of fights. Not because it in itself is stupid strong, but because it adds a great synergy.
  • Deluge: Deluge will add a lot of ‘passive’ AoE healing through Riptides and Healing Rain, but is not suited for every encounter.
Level 75:
  • Ancestral Protection Totem (APT): A raid cooldown that increases max hp and can ress a player off the combat ress cooldown. Can be useful if faced with a dangerous mechanic that has a high mortality rate, otherwise it might be safer to go with Vigor for more steady health increase.
  • Earthen Shield Totem (EST): A great way to lessen steady incoming damage on a stacked group of players.
  • Ancestral Vigor (AV): An amazing passive utility to increase raid survivability. If picked, keeping it on tanks should be of highest priority.
Level 90:
  • Bottomless Depths: As appealing as it might sound, it won’t end up returning enough mana to justify picking it up over the other two on almost any encounter. If we ever see a fight like Tyrant again we could use this.
  • Cloudburst Totem (CBT): This talent has the highest direct output tied to it, it doesn’t require for perfect play to make it work and can be used just like HST and still perform adequately. A lot of skill and fight experience will make this talent shine.
  • Echo of the Elements (EotE): Will make it less punishing not to cast Riptide/HST on cooldown by granting additional charges. Furthermore it can be incredibly valuable in movement based encounters like Trilliax.
Level 100:
  • Ascendance: In case of the need for an additional cooldown this could be picked over the others.
  • Wellspring: Is a great tool for dealing with shaman’s disability to do spread AoE healing.
  • High Tide: This is still a strong tool for unlocking frequent and heavy on demand healing despite being gutted down to a single additional hit and not completely removing jump reduction.


Potential synergies

  • If you pick crashing waves, you will have an increased synergy with echo of the elements. Since there are more tidal wave charges to consume, you can also proc an extra charge of riptide, strengthening the synergy more over.
  • If you pick ancestral guidance, direct healing should have your priority during the uptime of the buff as guidance does not benefit from totem healing (Healing Tide and Healing Stream). Wellspring works, and so does cloudburst input and output.
  • If you pick deluge, the importance of casting riptide on cooldown (was already very important) and relative priority of casting healing rain (still not at all cost) increases;
  • If you pick cloudburst totem, you want to be aware what abilities feed the totem. Totem healing does not feed, instead all healing the shaman is accounted for such as direct healing or hots as Riptide and Healing Rain (much like how ascendance and ancestral guidance work). Overhealing will feed into the totem. Casting Healing Stream (with Queen’s Decree active) before Cloudburst is advisable, as the hot’s feed into the totem.
  • If you pick Ascendance your priority should be with casting direct heals.
  • If you pick wellspring, you could argue to use it to feed cloudburst totem. Even though the cooldowns do not align perfectly (20 sec for wellspring, 30 sec for cloudburst). Be aware that wellspring is mana intensive.
  • If you pick high tide, know that you probably won’t be able to cast it as often in a reasonably long fight as you could in WoD. Make use of alternating with building and spending tidal waves to avoid depletion of your resources too early.



The times of functional / output related glyphs are gone. In Legion Glyphs are purely cosmetic. They are not learned, but applied to a spell in the spell book. These are the glyphs that will be available to us:

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4 years ago

Just a note I found while I was playing today… CBT can proc leech from UFE.

4 years ago

Is it just me or Deluge is not working on riptided targets that were procced by 4set?

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

Actually, it’s working with the class trinket.

Just did that test on live now: Removed all my gear and tested with class trinket equipped only:

Chain Heal without Riptide (spreaded by class trinket): 6.8k non-crit
Chain Heal with Riptide (spreaded by class trinket) 8.0k non-crit, which is precisely 20% more.

4 years ago

With CBT getting a 5% nerf before going live, does it still have the same appeal or is EotE the “default” choice in that tier?

Excellent content by the way. Your site enabled me to play “catch-up” very quickly when our resident resto shaman stopped raiding.

4 years ago

Thank you for this, after a break and not reading any news i was lost tosay 🙂

4 years ago

Thank you for posting!