As the race for world 1st in the Nighthold is about to be concluded, we present to you the current state of the resto shaman. This time in the shape of a Final Boss TV episode. The host from the show sat down with two of our authors: Canibehealz and Keehn.


About the host

Adam (aka Bay), is the creator of the WoW end game raiding show called ‘FinalBoss TV’. Each tier, Adam discusses individual specs with experts from the field. Something spec-enthusiasts look forward to for months. Having arrived at episode number 127, you can tell he has been doing this for quite some time. If you want to know more about the content he creates, you should take a look at


About the guests

Canibehealz raids in Temerity and is the author of the Wowhead resto shaman guides and an author for since 2016. Keehn is a Ðanish Terrace veteran, reviewer of the Icy Veins resto shaman guides and co-founded in 2015. If you want to stay in touch with them, you can follow them on Twitter (see twitter links top-right for desktop users or at the bottom for tablets and phones) or say hi to them in Earthshrine.



So what’s next?

As the mythic bosses fall, I’m sitting down with top ranking resto shamans to hear how they’ve been countering the fights. It’s been a while since we have done mythic boss specific guides. And right know feels like perfect timing to bring them back. After the top 50 has cleared the raid, we’ll start converting our knowledge and observations into sturdy tier build and playstyle guides.


Happy healing everybody!


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