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The remnants of WoD

Before the Legion pre-patch (7.0), our stat priority looked like this:

In WoD: Intellect > Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike >= Multistrike > Versatility


However, as of 7.0 all spirit on gear will be converted to versatility. Multistrike will be (mostly) converted to crit – sometimes it is converted to a different stat. If you already have crit on that piece of gear, multistrike will be converted to haste. That means that this remains from our stat priority:


In 7.0 (pre-patch): Intellect > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike > Versatility


Does this change in the pre-patch? Honestly, I don’t know yet. If fights are more intense (more damage taken) because of overall DPS decreases, then mastery will still be amazing to have. If fights are super fast roflstomp funny, then stats won’t matter much anyways.


But what about Legion?

Well, if you look at the stats of our artifact, it might give our preference away just slightly. Without further ado, we will head onto the Broken Isles with:


in 7.1 (launch): Intellect > Mastery = Critical Strike >Haste > Versatility

The reasoning behind bringing crit up to this value is due to the removal of spirit and a single trait in our artifact. Queen Ascendant will cause each of our direct heal crits to reduce the cast time of our next heal by 5/10/15% (further increased by relics). Once you reach enough crit to trigger this trait reliably, haste will deflate in value.

 Wait, spirit is gone?

Jep! We’ll be running around with base mana (160K at level 100, and 1100k at level 110) and nothing more. We can regain / save mana in a few ways:

  • Use a mana potion (channeled or instant)
  • Receive mana refunds from Resurgence procs
  • Use trinkets that reduce the mana cost of your spells (Demonic Phylactery in WoD)

As versatility (what spirit will be converted to) is not one of our most favorable stats, you might want to look into swapping different items in the slots it affects. This goes for your neck, cloak, rings and trinkets. Here are a few suggestions to deal with these changes:

  • Neck from Xhul’horac: Vial of Immiscible Liquid (crit and mastery)
  • Ring from Tyrant Velhari: Loathful Encrusted Band (mastery and multistrike crit) in addition to your legendary ring
  • Cloak from Kilrogg Deadeye: Shawl of Sanguinary Ritual (mastery and multistrike haste (?))
  • Trinkets:
    • Don’t blindly stick with Unstable Felshadow Emulsion: it has spirit as a base stat (converts to versatility) and if raid DPS turns out lower (which is expected) the leech won’t be as powerful;
    • Demonic Phylactery probably remains a very very solid trinket, as it saves you a lot of mana spend which translates in more casting and a higher healing output potential. Examples of these type of trinkets in Legion are: Ephemeral Paradox, Cocoon of Enforced Solitude, and Amalgam’s Seventh Spine.
    • Core of Primal Elements might have an interesting synergy with the new Deluge talent. Perhaps this trinkets will get to shine a while after all?
    • Intuiton’s Gift will be slightly nerfed through the spirit conversion, but will remain interesting overall.
    • Flickering Felspark provides largely the same stats, the third spirit component will be translated to versatility however.
    • Rumors have it that DPS trinkets are recieving nerfs. Even though this might be the case for healer trinkets too, this is definitely the moment to experiment with swapping toDPS trinkets.


A little insight into the mana costs of the spells

As you guys can see down below, certain spells are more mana intensive than others. Spamming Flame Shock during raid progression might impact your mana considerably (so use it wisely). If possible, let purge and heroism casts to the DPS. Since it will strain your mana. Mind you, this is the overview for mana cost at level 110, we might add in a seperate one for mana costs at level 100 later.

Mana per spell v3

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4 years ago

You guys have a great site, tons of useful information. Note about prepatch WoD trinkets: I just upgraded and equipped an old 715 chipped soul prism from Kazz because it had higher stats than a 730 felspark. The 730 chipped soul prism that drops now is obviously even better!

4 years ago

I just started playing the BETA again and have been leveling (mostly questing, but have also done some dungeons) as resto. It’s very viable (but slower) than enhance/ele, but since I want to pursue my resto artifact first, it makes sense to stick with resto for that purpose. I have stopped mythic raiding in WoD, so it’s kind of pointless to consider obtaining some better items that don’t have versatility on them, but for the sake of prepping for Legion’s launch, should I bother trying to get the better secondary stat heroic items, or will the int boost of mythic gear (with versatility) be sufficient?

OR should I say “nuts to leveling resto” and just level ele or enhance and deal with not having the bonus of the artifact weapon?

BTW, I am streaming my BETA leveling experience, so feel free to stop in and say hi! 🙂

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this. Finally decided to make an account here.

4 years ago

So I healed an entire run of heroic hfc last night with a 2-2-10 comp. It was interesting to me that even at a 739 i-lvl I was very close to having manna issues. I have a feeling crit might become more valuable depending on the levels achievable. In the mean time, I think I might try to gather some more for more resurgence procs.

4 years ago
Reply to  Yocum

Not sure stacking more crit is the answer to mana problems. Gardiff’s done some calculations on it over at MMO Champion:

4 years ago

from my experience on beta + beta raiding trinket Amalgam’s Seventh Spine is not good for our class. So sad.