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Splashystats was developed by Canibehealz, Garg, Lytheia, Nisekoi, and Tym


This is a piece we have been looking forward to releasing. Thanks to the efforts of many people: Garg, Lytheia, Nisekoi, Canibehealz and Tym, we have created a spreadsheet that will present you with a rough value for your stats. Below you will find instructions on how to use this tool and what information it will provide you with.


Caution with Analysis Tools

Remember to use caution with tools that analyze stat effectiveness. They look only at the fight overall, not moments of critical healing. Stats effectiveness changes in different circumstances. For example, mastery is more effective when people drop lower more often, haste is ultimately limited by your mana pool. Try to understand why the tool is giving you certain results and evaluate to what situation the knowledge applies. The output of these provides you with alternative insight in your logs (next to normal manual checking). 


Step 1: Create your own copy


Step 2: Setting up the spreadsheet

Each resto shaman has unique circumstances. In order to make the result applicable to your situation, you have to modify your specs. To do so, make sure you are viewing the Main tab, and modify the sections with an orange color. Fields with a blue color will be autogenerated and should not be modified.


Step 3: Processing your own logs

  1. Download the CSV from a specific fight from WarcraftLogs. To do this, find yourself in the Healing Tab of a specific log. In the bottom right corner, you will see a button labeled CSV. Click this to download.
  2. Open up the CSV and delete the top most entries of Riptide and Healing Stream Totem, as well as Earthen Shield and Healing Tide Totem (leave Healing Tide).
  3. Copy and Paste the CSV in the cell to the right of Log in the Player Logs tab.
  4. With the Log still open:
    1. edit the orange cells with the relevant info
    2. change Cloudburst’s Casts to Cloudburst Totem’s Casts from the Casts tab.
  5. Fill out the Fight Length cells.
  6. Run the log through WoWAnalyzer or Afiya’s Tool to find Mastery Benefit, Unused Tidal Waves, and Tidal Wave Usage.
  7. Paste these values into the corresponding green cells in the Player Logs page.
  8. If you have any cells that are dark green, change the cell to a ‘0’.


Step 4: The results!

After all of this, you are able to analyze the following things:

  • The Weights tab will now have an estimated HPS (Healing Per Second) gain per stat, as well as a normalized value and an item level value for each trait.
  • The Trinket Data Tab will show the gain for each trinket available to us.
  • Change the number in the iLvL column and compare the Total HPS Gain at the end to see the values for trinkets, given the item level they dropped at.

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