Before starting a fight:


Your basic healing rotation:


Weave (fill) with:

  • Chain Heal, need I say more?
  • Healing Surge, if you need to be fast.
  • Healing Wave, if your mana is strained.
  • Healing Rain, if you’re bored, full of mana and your raid is nicely stacked (it is just a little bit expensive on your mana, and not super powerful).

In general, alternating Chain Heal and Riptide (generating Tidal Waves) with Healing Surge and Healing Wave (spending Tidal Waves) is beneficial. However, with set bonuses and preferable trinkets, you can resort to pretty much nothing but a Riptide / Chain Heal spam (which nets you a strong output). Do know that the class is build up in a way to facilitate a healthy use of all of these spells. Especially in a gearing / progressing environment. It will benefit your longevity and performance to get a feeling for ‘when’ to use ‘what’ spell (and to keep alternating). Just consider the general focus to be on Chain Heal and Riptide.
Also, know that Healing Surge and Healing Wave heal just as much. Healing Surge however is faster, but costs more mana. Healing Wave is cheaper, but slower. When you are alternating all these spells, you will find yourself generating and spending Tidal Waves. For Healing Surge this means a higher chance of critting the spell (critting returns mana). For Healing Wave this means casting it faster. Making both these spells equal in mana spent, time cast, and amount healed (except that crits heal for more than non-crits – in favor of Healing Surge). Consider yourself a shaman version of Jamie Oliver: a little bit of this and a little bit of that – alternated with Chain Heal on ‘full whack’.

Your cooldown rotation:

  • When the whole group is taking continuous damage, use a cooldown:
  • Speed up fights, and help large trash pack pulls by using the haste group cooldown: Heroism / Bloodlust – you can benefit from this every 10 minutes, although you can cast it on a 5 minute cooldown. This means that, if people died and have been ressed, you can recast it for them to benefit again.


Your movement rotation:

  • Always.. keep.. casting! Seriously: always keep casting.
  • Use Spiritwalker’s Grace (2 minute cooldown);
  • If that is on cooldown, use Unleash Life (speed increase) + Riptide (instant cast) + Flame Shock (instant cast);
  • If none of the above is available, either just walk or maaaybe use Ghost Wolf. Actually, are you sure you can’t stand still and keep casting?


Your dps rotation (cause why not xD):


Excelling at resto shaman gameplay:


A little bit more explanation per spell:

Chain Heal. This is our mana spender for AoE healing. It will be your dearest spell during this tier, so give it lots of love and use it willingly. Because of how our 4 piece set bonus works, you can also micro-manage Chain Heal, by applying a second riptide to specific people.

Healing Rain. You have to be aware of how the value of this spell fluctuates. This depends on a few factors: how many people are going to stand in it, will it be used for the full duration, how much time will people spend in there with full health.

Unleash Life. This will give you 30% increased effectiveness on your next single target heal, and additionally it will give you Enhanced Unleash, which is going to make this spell valuable. You don’t really want to cast this spell in a stationary position, because it isn’t as strong as casting any other heal. This means that you want to pop it simply to get the movement speed increase. Should be used over Ghost Wolf, if this alone provides enough speed to move out of the way. It will provide you with the required movement speed with one global cooldown and still unleash your next heal.

Earth Shield. Keep on tanks or other players that need immense single target healing. Don’t bother to swap it around if you’re only gonna cast a few heals on it.

Keehn: ‘Personally, I don’t even bother swapping it around between tanks.’

Dorelei: ‘You’re not alone..’.

Halu: ‘Earth shield exists?’


Lava BurstAs mentioned before, in case there is not a lot of healing going on, you can always do a little damage.

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can you update it for Legion? Easy uestion, hard work, but I would really appreciate it


Nice section, but I got a few questions:

#1 I know Riptide, Healing Stream Totem, and Elemental Blast are not in a prioritized order, but can you tell me what your priority is (when they are all up at the same time). I assume Riptide if it on fewer than 2 targets, then Healing Stream Totem, then Elemental Blast if you can (at least that’s how I do it). Or would you delay HST until after EB is cast?

#2 Does Healing Wave get cast that often? Or is it mostly a preemptive heal that you might cast on the tank during periods of low damage?

#3 Seems like as long as Earth Shield is on a tank, it nothing to worry about. But, would it be good practice to monitor which tank has aggro, or is that too much effort for too little reward? Also, I tend to refresh Earth Shield at 1 stack. Is that good, or should I just wait for it to fall off?

#4 I’ve read ‘never override an existing Riptide’ before. Is this still accurate, and why exactly?

#5 I’ve also heard that Frost Shock was part of the Resto dps rotation. So, is the rotation: Elemental Blast, Lava Burst (with flame shock on the target), Frost Shock, Lightning Bolt (filler)? Is Searing Totem ever worth dropping? (This is mostly a curiosity, I LFR often and was just wondering. I understand Resto dps is not something theorycrafters spend a lot of time on)


Okay let’s go:

#1 I am not too concerned about the priority here, might just be because it is so ingrown of a habbit to me. But with High Tide I would say use it like this: Riptide > Healing Stream Totem > Elemental Blast.

#2 It comes down to the boss, the situation and your gear level. If you have the mana to mindlessly spam Chain Heal you will not be casting Healing Wave, outside of when there is slow tank healing, and even then you might have Riptide, HST or EB ready.

#3 The infamous Earth Shield, I just keep it on the same tank throughout the encounter, and I usually tend to put it on the tank that depletes it the slowest (as in tanks with lots of absorbs, yay Death Knights) to save myself more GCD’s. It is fine to refresh at 1 stack, that is what I do. Swapping it around between tanks is too much effort for that little gain, imo you only want to cast it to gain the 20% healing increase (hence putting it on tanks with absorbs).

#4 Hmm, keeping riptides on as many people as possible will add value to High Tide, so as far as it is possible just spread it to as many as you can, and try to avoid overwriting.

#5 The dps thing doesn’t concern me to such a small level that I consider if I should Frost Shock or Flame Shock, but I do try to keep a 100% uptime on Flame Shock on most bosses. Searing Totem does a little damage, and if you can afford the GCD just drop it. This is usually when on the move with nothing ready.


I’m having troubles posting in the forums. I log in and it and it accepts my login (as you see here due to the fact I can post), but when I click on forums, the thing at the top changes from Wafflehaus to Visitor, and when I log in again it takes me back to the home page and the process repeats.

Anyway – love the site so far, already gleaned some useful info. I’d love to be more active in the forums once I’m able to!


Yeah we’ve had issues with this with a few others as well and we are trying to find a solution :/