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Please note, this is the Ask us Anything thread from Warlords of Draenor. For new questions, please come visit us in the new thread.

Ask us anything! Whether you want to ask us a shaman question, or help answering it: feel most welcome here. We also monitor responses to all other posts, so feel free to ask questions below individual posts as well. Want to ask a specific person of our team, that works too!

Regardless, happy posting!



This post has exploded… and thats awesome! Meanwhile, new places have been created around the site to discuss specific things. Most notably: evaluating performance / tips on your performance. If you have a question in this regard, please go to the forum section called ‘Link your logs’. We and others will help you there. They completely cloud up this clouded post so thank you in advance :D.

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You are tweeting about raid testing, would your guild be open to sharing their logs so we can take a look at things?


Hey, im not a shaman main and im planning to boost a shaman to 100 in legion, and i wonder why would i pick resto shaman over monks or druids?


Hey, Just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on the new change to Crashing Waves? (additional stack of Tidal Waves) Vs Ancestral Vigor.


As AV and CW aren’t on the same talent tier, I’m assuming you mean Ancestral Guidance. Ancestral Guidance provides a lot of synergy in our aoe healing toolkit in that it plays well with Wellspring, CBT, Healing Rain and Chain Heal and many of our traits that improve upon the effectiveness of those spells. Different scenarios will certainly call for different talent usage however. I can see Tidal Waves being very potent on any encounter with frequent single target healing and that will also lead to talenting into Echo instead of CBT – which has tremendous synergy with CW. Talenting this way turns our playstyle into one very similar to how Paladins currently play. Bombing fast and efficient single target heals onto people at a lightning pace.

Talents will fluctuate frequently from fight to fight. Some will definitely be stronger than others for different scenarios. We’ll certainly see this evolve as our talents, traits and gearing becomes more concrete closer to Legion launch.


I also feel like our mastery is getting worse, the stronger everyone else gets …. do you know what i mean? its for sure the best mastery in the early expansion…. but later on its just a stat waste not like other masterys which will grown insanely strong …. for example the monks or the holy one. What do you think about that guys?

But to pick up our chat from before…. i think what could make the Shaman realy the strongest healer …. is his crit based passive where u get mana back …. its the only “active” mana regeneration which is existing in legion with the right build its again like in MOP where u had massive crit builds for the mana gaining…. later on having 60% crit or more can regen a TON of mana (would be interesting if just the initial healing of chain heal gets the mana back or every bounce :$ but i think its just the initial)


Hey guys, been dong some testing myself and have to say i’m confident in resto shaman atm but as i have a lack of time to go all the way to the end i was wondering if you guys are able to say if there is any specific profession we would benefit from or at least worth to go for it?


Generally speaking, all professions will be offering the same benefits as each other in Legion (or at least very similar ones). Not all profession data has been put out there, but I’ve always been a fan of Enchanting and Engineering. Engineering provides me with many useful tools like repair bots and my mailbox but its raid benefit is a relic of the past when we stacked haste in ICC and there was a Haste glove tinker. Enchanting will always have a benefit for me as I can disenchant gear as I obtain it from quest rewards and enchant my new stuff on the fly. If I personally had to suggest something, I would say Leatherworking but only on the basis that you will be able to have an easier time obtaining crafted gear for yourself if you’re the one thats crafting it. 🙂 Otherwise, just choose professions that you enjoy having like I do. I don’t know what I would do without my Jeeves and MOLL-E mailbox.