Not too long ago, we published an article on how we are likely to obtain the different artifact skins and colors in Legion. A watchful reader rightfully commented ‘but what about the Serpent’s Coil and Frozen Fate skin?’. My guess was that these designs would not be rewarded until later tiers or content patches. But I was wrong. At least, for the Serpent’s Coil skin as it is now known how to obtain the basic look and its variations.

Hidden artifact looks

It is not just for us resto shamans that new artifact looks have been enabled. It seems like every spec has its own ‘hidden look’, and a unique way of obtaining it. A friend of mine plays a priest. He told me how some priests had been book hunting, and how finding all these books would allow you to unlock a new skin variation. Off I went, to rally the resto shaman troops. Together we could hunt for our hidden look. But no such thing was implemented. Instead, all we have to do is loot the first boss in the Eye of Azshara dungeon, and be lucky. It felt anticlicmatic. I was hoping for a book hunt, leading me across the old and new world. Instead I found out it was RNG we had to defeat. On top of that, this was the dungeon I have been farming the most. This never dropped for me. Of course I don’t know exactly when this was implemented, but I couldn’t help but feeling a little disappointed. The item is called the Coil of the Drowned Queen. I am assuming they refer to Lady Hatecoil as being the first boss, although most groups kill Warlord Parjesh first.

What it looks like

Serpents coil blue skin from meokina
Screenshot of the blue (base) skin, by Meokina in the wowhead comment section.

Fair is fair, the hidden skin is awesome. Serpents are swirling around the shield and the scepter, giving it an intriguing look. Once you have unlocked the base model, you can then start working towards unlocking the other colors: green, purple, and red. Unlike the other looks so far, you can only progress towards unlocking these while wearing the base (blue) model of the Serpent’s Coil. Wowhead currently only shows the shields in the appearances tab for me (just for this skin), so you’ll have to imagine the scepter.

  • You can unlock the green skin by completing 100 dungeons while using one of the Serpent’s Coil looks;
  • You can unlock the purple skin by completing 200 world quests while using one of the Serpent’s Coil looks;
  • You can unlock the red skin by killing 1,000 enemy players while using one of the Serpent’s Coil looks.


Serpents coil all looks
The green, blue (base), purple and red skin of Serpent’s Coil.

Needless to say, we want to get that starter skin early on in the expansion so we can start farming the other looks straight away. But Serpent’s Coil wasn’t the only hidden skin, Frozen Fate is still a mystery to all of us. No one knows how and when we will be able to start progressing towards it. The name leaves us guessing. Why is it frozen? Until more information becomes available, I guess we’ll have to let it go.

Pun intended.

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4 years ago

Anyone know if its possible to track the progress of the unlocks (dungeons, quests, kills) ?

I wonder if its tracking on progress or completion. Like if i do 99% of the quest as another spec and then switch back to resto for the final 1%. Wonder if it counts.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

Hehe, might be right. Best part was that I had heard about something “hidden” but forgotten and never researched it that much. Nice surprise 🙂

I’ll keep on trying to do the most WQ’s in resto, but sometimes its just faster/easier to be ele while doing it. Some stats on the progress would tell us what it actually registers on and if my theory have any truth to it. Now I just have to put a finger in the air to figure out how many I have left.

Nice site by the way. Wish I found it sooner 🙂

4 years ago

I picked this up from Eye of Azshara at lvl 102, dropped from Lady Hatecoil

4 years ago

I like the look of those i will def be trying to get this one thanks for the info.

4 years ago

Does this require a specific level of difficulty?