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Before starting a fight:


Your basic healing rotation:


Weave (fill) with:

  • Healing Wave (slow and cheap)
  • Healing Surge (fast and expensive)
  • Chain Heal
  • When mana is tight (typically at the start of an expansion), you are wise to make use of Tidal Waves. Try to avoid casting too many of the same spells in a row – unless you are buffing Ascendance or Cloudburst output.


Your (base) cooldown rotation:


Your talent specific cooldown rotation:


Your DPS rotation:

  • Open with Flame Shock
  • Follow with Lava Burst
  • Fill with Lightning Bolt
  • Use Chain Lightning whenever you’re facing 2 or more targets
  • While leveling, you can choose to run with Echo of the Elements. This gives you an extra charge on Lava Burst. Keep spreading Flame Shock, as having it up on more than one target will significantly increase the amount of Lava Surge procs. Flame Shock is mana intensive though, so this tip is foremostly applicable to leveling





This depends heavily on the talent you choose. Our initial preference goes to Graceful Spirit as it works right into our mantra of ‘always keep casting’.  Gust of Wind if you’re out in the world having fun, preventing yourself from dying when you jump off a cliff. Wind Rush Totem because your raid leader can’t live without. Although, are you sure you can’t convince him/her that you’re of more use casting while running (i.e. picking up graceful spirit)? Other than one talent row, our only movement speed affecting factor is Ghost Wolf.
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4 years ago

How do you find the healing from Gift of the Queen? from what I’ve tried on the beta it feels more like dungeon healing or for stacked up fights, any inputs on this?

4 years ago
Reply to  ketra

The healing used to be brokenly overpowered when it didn’t have a target cap. It is still stronger than most other healer artifact abilities imo, both in direct throughput and the little utility added by the 10% hp buff. I’d make sure to use it on cooldown and/or try to funnel it into CBT as often as possible, it will do a lot of healing if capped on targets. It’s great for putting at melee camp, mostly due to giving tanks a little more utility.

4 years ago

Hello from russian rsham;D
I dont think that mastery food will be usefull. Firstly coz of Hellfire Citadel should also be easier to clear: all bosses have the Demoralized debuff. So my choice is raids w/o healers at all ;D otherwise if raid need healer – take haste food.
Also Potion of Deadly Grace was useless on beta. So here we probably should use WoD int. potion.

But I have a question – always forget to check – is reincarnation from our totem will be count as battle res?

4 years ago
Reply to  Маразм

It is on a seperate table than ordinary battle-resses