This is a very special moment for us. We’ve brought a bunch of awesome shamans together, to bring you this website:! We aim to provide you with answers to all your questions about resto shamans. We enjoy the spec immensly, and want to help others where we can.

In no way are we trying to determine the ‘one perfect way’ to play your shammy. We experiment, we discuss, we agree and disagree, and report to you our opinions and views. With a combined 28 years of resto shaman raiding experience, we are most passionate about the class and spec.

You can expect us to discuss a bunch of different stuff. Mythic tactics from the resto shaman perspective, glyph and talent choices. Stats, playstyles, and in-depth articles. Whether you new to playing resto shaman, a seasoned raider or looking how to play your third healer alt; we hope to provide everything you need to enjoy your shaman more!

Get in contact with us and other shamans on our forum, and we hope to welcome you regularly!



The team of
Dorelei, Dunderz, Halûcinogen, Keehn, Mynt.

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4 years ago

Hi, this project looks promising. I hope it will grow and provide all necessary information. Cheers!

4 years ago

Hi there! I’ve been healing every raid tier as a resto shaman since the Sunwell days! Great to see a website like this out there! You’ll see me here often chiming in and discussing all sorts of resto shaman related things 😀

4 years ago

Good luck with the website! finally a website for us, resto shamans!

4 years ago

Seems promising! But Keehn > All

4 years ago

This is very cool been a resto shaman since Vanilla! Heal Heroic HFC now!