Resto shamans are such versatile healers, because they possess such a broad variety of tools to use. This high level of utility usually means we are assigned to do the ‘special jobs’. And even if thats not the case, you could be making the life of your raid a lot easier.


Grounding Totem:

A totem that has been used and abused over the past years. The latest example being Xhul’horac, to remove quite a portion of the fight (Void Surge). Pay attention to the range. If you plan to use it, make sure people are close enough to get hit by the effect. It takes a second or two for it to reapply the buff, if you happen to move it with Totemic Projection.


Capacitor Totem:

An AoE stun can come in handy a lot of times. Can be moved into position with Totemic Projection. The Capacitator Totem charges for 5 seconds until it detonates and stuns, you have this time to move it.


Windwalk Totem:

Freedom totem to make you move freely, this is a valuable asset to our toolkit. It applies not only to you, but to the whole raid. It cancels slows, roots and snares.


Earthbind Totem / Earthgrab Totem:

AoE slow/snare within the range of the totem. Earthbind is the default totem, an AoE slow. Earthgrab can be chosen from the level 30 talent range and is an active AoE root.


Tremor Totem:

This is not as strong as it used to be since it is no longer usable when feared. Instead, you have to precast it before a sleep, charm or fear comes in. Most notable recent use in raid: trash outside of Twin Ogron in Highmaul.


Wind Shear:

The interrupt with the shortest cooldown in the game. We have a focus macro for this spell (with a focus macro you can interrupt the target you have put on focus):


#showtooltip Wind Shear
/cast [@focus] Wind Shear


You can leave out the [@focus] and just use it on your target if that is what you wish.



It happens that bosses have mechanics that require a dispell from this. You can use the same macro as for Wind Shear:


#showtooltip Purge
/cast [@focus] Purge

Combined macro:
/cast [harm] Purge
/cast [noharm] Purify Spirit


Regular CC that incaps for 1 minute, not used that much on raidbosses though. You could try.. some say Thok was hexxed into a dinosaur. Hence, this is why hunters always try to tame him.


Spiritwalker’s Grace:

And lastly we have our “This is ‘murica’ ability: ‘we won’t stop casting for nothing :D!’ (Keehn was here). Often paired with Ascendance. But because of its akward cooldown timer, often glyphed to last longer or to last shorter (with a shorter cooldown).


Edit, 24/9/2015: We are adding a WA string for tracking Xhul’horac Void Surge casts:

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4 years ago

I had no idea that I could use Grounding Totem for the Void Surges on Xhul. That’s really awesome! Thanks for the tip! Maybe you could do a future article about sneaky little tips like this? I for one would love it! 🙂
(Loving the site so far btw – keep up the great work!)