Welcome to our resto shaman leveling series. In this article we discuss the spells you gain during level 71-80 (Wrath of the Lich King). We conclude with an overview of the healing rotation at level 80.


Level 75

Your third (and final) set of glyph slots is now enabled. As always, be sure to experiment with the minor glyph slots! There are so many fun tweaks. For the major glyph slots, we have made recommendations. You can read more about that in our glyph post.


At level 75, you also gain access to an ability called Hex. On a 45 second cooldown, you can transform enemies into a frog. Hex lasts 1 minute and it only works on humanoids and beasts. Targets can take a little bit of (mostly DoT) damage, but sustained damage will break the transform. Consider this a Polymorph (Mage) will a little bit more resistance before breaking.

On top of this, you can select a talent in the level 75 talent tier. This tier is all about output. Rushing Streams, Ancestral Guidance, and Conductivity. Given the weak state of Healing Rain, and how expensive it is to cast, Conductivity generally is not the go to talent. On top of that, dungeon bosses and trash packs die relatively fast while leveling. Chances are that the increased duration of your Healing Rain will go to waste, since your group already moved on. Rushing Streams modifies your Healing Stream Totem to now heal 2 targets at once for 15% additional healing. These are smart heals, meaning the lowest targets will automatically be selected. With Healing Stream Totem on a 30 second cooldown, this is a powerful boost to this ability. Ancestral Guidance will (on a 2 minute cooldown) convert 20% of your damage and healing, into healing for up to 3 targets that are injured (also smart healing). In end game content, Rushing Streams has the general preference. Since you use Healing Stream Totem on cooldown (or at least should), you can continuously benefit from this strong power up. Ancestral Guidance is occasionally used in burst healing strategies, but remains behind in popularity on Rushing Streams.  If you wish to read more about talent selection, check our talent post.


Level 80

Grace of Air. This is a passive raid buff. Meaning that everyone in your party (within a 100 yard radius) will benefit from a mastery and haste buff. But something else happens at this level as well. Something Blizzard does not show you in your spell book, or on the website. At level 80, you get access to a trait called ‘Mastery: Deep Healing‘. This is a big deal. The more mastery you gather (especially on max level), the more potent your spells are. Meaning: the lower health your targets have, the more your spells will heal for. This is the corner stone of shaman healing. The first time you experience this in a group, feels epic. You ‘carry’ your group. You heal them through the unexpected. It is God-mode. If the versatile playstyle of the shaman, with all its totems, didn’t have you hooked.. this experience definitely will. As you can imagine, this slightly changes the stat priority in comparison to the previous levels.


Your level 80 healing rotation

And there you have it, level 71-80 of restoration shaman. To conclude, this is what your resto shaman gameplay looks like at level 80 (Wrath of the Lich King):


Before starting a fight:


Your healing rotation:


Your cooldown rotation:

  • When the whole group is taking continuous damage, use a cooldown:
  • Speed up fights, and help large trash pack pulls by using the haste group cooldown: Heroism / Bloodlust – 10 minute cooldown.


Your dps rotation (when there is nothing to heal):


Excelling at resto shaman gameplay:


Modifying your gear to improve your leveling experience:

  • Consider putting a spirit enchant on an heirloom item to always have a luxurious mana regeneration. You don’t have to go to extremes with this, but having a little goes a long way.
  • Intellect is your first and foremost priority. The secondary stats mastery, critical strike and haste, benefit you. Picking up any of these stats will help in the leveling process. Mastery is new since level 80. However, it will not be common for the whole group to be low very often, crit and haste will still be very benefitial as well.


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