Welcome to our resto shaman leveling series. In this article we discuss the spells you gain during level 61-70 (The Burning Crusade). We conclude with an overview of the healing rotation at level 70.


Level 63

Capacitator Totem. In TBC dungeons, you can encounter quite a few tricky packs of mobs. I regularly run into posts on the battle.net forums about new healers giving up on the healing game in these dungeons. Some mobs cast mind control. If you (the healer) end up being mind controlled, that dungeon is going to be a lot more difficult. Resulting into wipes, people rage-quitting, and surprising amounts of healer blaming. Capacitator Totem is a powerful tool and it will prevent you from getting into that situation. This totem drops next to your feet, and charges for 5 seconds. After those seconds are up, it explodes in an 8-yard-radius, stunning all enemies in that area. Stunned enemies don’t hit the tank and they don’t cast. In my experience, stunning a pack of mobs and (perhaps) following up with an interrups (remember Wind Shear), is enough to kill them without anything exciting happening.


But you may wonder, do I have to run into melee (into the pack of mobs) to drop this totem? No, you don’t! That is why I suggested the level 45 talent Totemic Projection. You drop the totem (next to your feet), and then you have 5 seconds to relocate the totem to the right position (before it goes off). Totemic Projection allows you to do this. These few seconds, where you can readjust, allow you to better predict where the pack of mobs will be as well. Some tanks take them on a detour through the instance. It would be a pity of your stun goes off, not hitting any of the enemies.


Level 65

Healing Tide Totem. The great almighty cooldown of the resto shaman. Like the druid’s ‘Tranquility‘, except ours allows you to move. This totem will tick for 10 seconds, healing all party members each tick in a 40-yard-radius. Does your tank pull a lot of mobs at the same time. Or does everyone in the group take damage during a boss fight? Use this cooldown. It is available every 3 minutes.


Level 66

Fire Elemental Totem. A new damage totem. This ‘fire’ totem (see school of elements), shares elements with Searing Totem. Since it does more damage than Searing Totem, prioritize your fire elemental over the regular fire totem. The cooldown is 5 minutes, so you will end up filling the remaining time with Searing Totem. That is, if you are maximizing dps.


Level 70

Heroism (Alliance) or Bloodlust (Horde)! The best raid cooldown in existance. Every 10 minutes, your whole group can benefit from 30% extra haste for 40 seconds. This is huge. Try using it in the start of a dungeon. Usually dungeons lasts a little over 10 minutes. Allowing you to benefit from it twice. Are you struggling on a boss, and did you wipe? Great news (when it comes to this cooldown), because after dying you can benefit from Heroism again. That should help you getting down that boss a lot quicker. You can cast Heroism / Bloodlust every 5 minutes, you just can’t benefit from it more often than once every 10 minutes. Time Warp (Mage cooldown) and Ancient Hysteria (Beast Mastery Hunter), offer the same effect. If they used their ability, you can still pop your cooldown to give someone who died and was ressed, a second benefit of the haste buff.


Spirit Link Totem. An amazing cooldown, available every 3 minutes. This is not an output cooldown. Instead, like many shaman abilities, it is a tool to mitigate abilities. In this case, incoming damage. Spirit Link Totem gives a straight 10% damage reduction to everyone standing in the circle. This may not sound like a lot, but in raid environments it is that few percent that makes the difference between wiping or killing a boss. On top of that, every second (of the 6 second duration) the circle redistributes all health points. This means that people who are dipping low, will receive health from the people that are higher on hp. And the ones that were higher on hp, will loose hp to the lower ones. This ability also benefits from Totemic Projection. If you drop the totem in the ranged camp, you can have them benefit for half of the time and then move the circle to the melee camp.


Your level 70 healing rotation

And there you have it, level 61-70 of restoration shaman. To conclude, this is what your resto shaman gameplay looks like at level 70 (The Burning Crusade):


Before starting a fight:


Your healing rotation:


Your cooldown rotation:

  • When the whole group is taking continuous damage, use a cooldown:
  • Speed up fights, and help large trash pack pulls by using the haste group cooldown: Heroism / Bloodlust – 10 minute cooldown.


Your dps rotation (when there is nothing to heal):


Excelling at resto shaman gameplay:


Modifying your gear to improve your leveling experience:

  • Consider putting a spirit enchant on an heirloom item to always have a luxurious mana regeneration. You don’t have to go to extremes with this, but having a little goes a long way.
  • Intellect is your first and foremost priority. The secondary stats critical strike and haste, benefit you. Picking up any of these stats will help in the leveling process. Mastery will become the most important secondary stat, but not until level 80.


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