On the first night of Blizzcon, information about Legion was published on battle.net. All artifact weapons have been announced, including the resto shaman weapon: ‘The Scepter of Azshara’. At Gamescom, an announcement of the class halls and class/spec specific weapons had us wondering. But now we can show some art!

The Scepter of Azshara

Scepter of Azshara in post

We assume the weapons on the left depict one of the final stages of the artifact, and the weapon on the right is a version we will start with. Blizzard released the following description:


A powerful scepter created by Queen Azshara long ago, before her transformation into a naga. The scepter swirls with waters from the Well of Eternity prior to its corruption, granting the scepter great magical and restorative powers.


The Scepter of Azshara was lost during the War of the Ancients, shortly before Azshara and many of her followers were swallowed by the sea. Taken up by surviving night elves who knew nothing of the power it truly held, it was buried with an unknown priestess in a family tomb in Azsuna, waiting to be discovered by someone that could unlock its true potential.


Concept behind the artifact weapons

In Legion, no weapons will drop. You will only wield your specialization’s specific artifact weapon. For restoration shamans this will be ‘The Scepter of Azshara’, for elemental shamans ‘The Fist of Ra-Den’, and for enhancement shamans ‘Doomhammer’. By looking at the images provided so far, we can assume that off-hands will be provided as well. A matching shield for both restoration and elemental and an off-hand mace for enhancement


Evolution of the weapon

As the expansion unravels and your character achieves whatever Blizzard throws at us, your weapon will evolve with you accordingly. During the Gamescom presentation earlier this year, we got an insight into how there will be different traits for the weapons. ‘Upgrading’ your weapon will occur through (perhaps amongst others) class specific quest lines. Additionally, ‘relics’ have been mentioned that can be added to your weapon.


Personal modifcations of artifact weapons

Different designs will be available for each weapon and aparently ‘shades’ can be modified too. Two cheers for matching  your transmog?


Weapon upgrade resource: artifact power

On the first evening of Blizzcon a currency was shown as a potential quest reward, called: artifact power. Additionally, during Gamescom a talent tree or upgrade system could be seen for the Icebringer and Soulreaper, requiring 7000 artifact power to activate a ‘talent’. Now both the system, amount of resources and application can change (since not even beta to begin with), but it does give us a general idea of how this is going to work.


When will we obtain our artifact weapon?

It has been previously announced, that artifact weapons will become available in patch 7.0. This is the prepatch of Legion. Usually, this means that in the two weeks before the Legion launch we live a hybrid expansion. We can’t leave Draenor yet, but all sorts of things Legion are already being applied. You can think of new talent systems, spells, removal/adding of stats (think multistrike). With the knowledge we received so far, we assume that we will start the expansion with our specialization’s artifact weapons already equipped.


Updates as it happens

Of course everything we publish, depends on the info given out. Everything can change, nothing is final and we might even interpret things wrongly. However, we are very excited to provide you with all the resto shaman news we can spot during and after Blizzcon. If you hear of anything we haven’t mentioned yet, drop us a line.


Want to read more?

If you purchased the Virtual Ticket, you can access the Blizzcon streams on battle.net, and for two more weeks all presentations (on all stages) will be available throught Video on Demand.

If you want to keep reading, here are the sources we used to provide you with this article:

Wowhead: ‘Artifacts: What We Know‘.

Gamescom 2015: ‘WoW expansion Unveiling‘ – Blizzard (YouTube).

Rapid coverage of everything that happens at Blizzcon at the homepage of Mmo-Champion.com.

Legion info on the Blizzard’s website: ‘Legion: Shaman Artifact Revealed‘.


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4 years ago

Not entirely sure how I totally feel about every single Resto Shaman having the exact same weapon, or everyone of any single class having it… I feel like it detracts quite a bit from the actual game. I don’t like the idea that infinite farming will automatically make you better because your weapon will just naturally improve, kind of as if they’re removing effort from the game in favor of sheer hours played. But that’s just me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

I’m fairly certain the weapon upgrades will be gated by content.

Such as:

Questing regions complete
Dungeon bosses defeated
Raid bosses Defeated
PVP combat rounds completed

4 years ago


Here is a couple of the variants available!

4 years ago

I like the watery parts especially, I hope some of the other looks keep these elements. Looking at the other artifacts, I think we’re lucky, e.g. warrior’s artifacts are just awful. Elemental’s is also not great, I think I have to go enhancer for second spec. 😉