We did something different. We created a questionnaire to investigate how people are playing their resto shaman as patch 7.1.5 and the Nighthold arrive. This provides us with a great basis to discover what new builds, playstyles and tricks are developed during the Nighthold progress. As the amount of info is abundant (we received over 300 entries in the first 2 days), we’ll be analyzing step by step. This is part 1 of our analyzing series of our ‘preparing for the Nighthold’ questionnaire. Focussing solely on the current stat priority and the changes to secondary stats.


What stat priority do you use right now?

Making solid questionnaires is an art. And ours (as it was our first time) was far from perfect. We included two flowcharts: one showing all the entries, and another showing the top of the raiding scene (the highest in rank). When looking at the data, please keep the following things in mind:

  • We assume everyone prioritizes Intellect (as our main stat) over any secondary stat, unless specified otherwise.
  • Some entries only included a part of the stats. As a result, the amount of entries decrease as the number of steps increase.


Current stat priority – all entries



Current stat priority – top 1000 players


There seems to be one big difference between top 1000 raiders and all entries. The stat priorities of top 1000 raiders are more consolidated. Meaning: there are less different stat priorities being used. In our overview of all entries, there are way more different stat priorities being chosen. If your stat prio is one of the more exotic branches, at least now you know.


How do you feel about the 7.1.5 stat changes?

With patch 7.1.5 generic changes (all classes and specs) are being implemented in regard to secondary stats. Changes to stat weights in a pure definition – not stat priority weights as commonly used for determining gear upgrades.



Each class is affected differently, as secondary stats scale differently per class per stat. Basically, you will need to gather more stats to obtain the same percentages of secondary stats. We asked you guys how you felt about these changes, and this is how you responded:


The group that responded with a negative affection is composed of people who responded either disliking ‘I don’t like it’, or slight panic. The group that doesn’t know, is composed of people that either said ‘I don’t know’, ‘I want to test it first’, or wonders about whether they still find enough mastery on their gear. The neutral group either doesn’t think it will change anything, does not care about these changes, or foresees a shift to the priority of the main stat (intellect). The positive group either indicates that they understand that Blizzard does this, or responded with ‘I like this’.


Will this affect your stat priority?



What will your new stat priority be?


If you answered yes to the previous question, we asked you to indicate what your new stat priority would be. These were the answers:

  • half of the people that answered with ‘yes’: I will shift my focus from mastery to crit, or from crit to mastery (evenly distributed);
  • the rest was scattered with arguments like:
    • I won’t change it after all
    • I don’t know what to do
    • I’m going to swap around my last two stats (haste and versatility)
    • I will focus more on intellect or item level


A bit of background

Blizzard gave the following reasons why they were altering the secondary stats (you can read for yourself over here):

  • Goal 1: Increase the importance of item level as a guideline for upgrading items.
  • Goal 2: Improve rings and necks.
  • Goal 3: Don’t lower player power.


Selected opinions

Dunderz (author): I think its good that secondary stats drop off a bit in comparison to Intellect. Gives you more of an incentive to actually use an item that has a higher item level, instead of just looking at what secondary stats it has.


Keehn (author): Doesn’t really change the priority much as they all are increased by roughly the same amount (~13%).


Lavajohn (Danish Terrace: world rank 3): it won’t change much apart from making item level superior in many cases, due to intellect not changing.



Did you miss our questionnaire, and do you still want to fill it out? It is still possible. We’ll keep it available for a while. The results won’t be included, but it can still be a fun process.

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My main concern has been with Crit. I am stuck with more mastery haste items when I would like and it’s due to bad rng and bad raid loot tables. Nighthold is fixing most issues but not all. For example I don’t have crit on Wrist, Waist or Legs + a Legendary Boots with Mastery Haste. Stat stick trinkets have been my only option to deal with the crit shortage, and now I have 2 mastery stat sticks, and the Helya one only dropped in Normal mode it’s insane. I get it, they made crit really important but scale terribly, it’s why most of us prefer to follow mastery as much as possible as it scales a lot better and is our niche. But gearing in Legion has been frustrating, one day surely the weekly class hall chest will give me one of the items I actually sorely need…like the crit mastery wrists from Vault of the Wardens, the only source for crit mastery mail bracers.