This is part 3 of our questionnaire analysis. This time we are taking a look at trinkets, jewelry (necks and rings), and relics. A week ago we released a questionnaire to investigate how people are playing their resto shaman at the moment. This provides us with a great foundation to discover what new builds, playstyles, and tricks are being developed during progress in the Nighthold.


Trinkets added in the Nighthold


Which trinkets are your favorite(s)?

The Nighthold comes with a loot table of four brand new trinkets. The new legendary trinket aside, that one will be discussed in the next article. Participants were told they could select more than 1 trinket. As you can see, the majority of people would love to pick up Etraeus’ or Ephemeral.



WARNING: the tooltip on the ‘Perfectly Preserved Cake’ was not representing the actual mechanic of the trinket, thus the results of the questionnaire with regard of this trinket are misleading. The cake is active in a radius, and doesn’t require ‘clicking’. 

Why do you prefer this?

The overall sentiment seems to be: it all depends on the proc rate. And rightfully so. A wonderful concept of a trinket can be completely useless with a low proc rate. It will be fun to see how trinkets end up being tuned, and which trinkets end up being our tier’s favorites.


Why I prefer (no. 1) Etraeus’ Celestial Map

  1. Intellect gain (43%)
  2. Secondary stats proc (18%)
  3. Throughput (10%)
  4. I want to test this (7%)
  5. Least sh*t – in direct wording (7%)


Why I prefer (no. 2) Ephemeral Paradox

  1. Mana (46%)
  2. Intellect gain (43%)
  3. I want to test this (9%)
  4. Least sh*t – in direct wording (9%)


Why I prefer (no. 3) Aluriel’s Mirror

  1. Throughput (32%)
  2. I want to test this (17%)
  3. Interesting (13%)

Menzormin (Ravencrest-EU): “Aluriels could be good for both stacked healing and spread healing through the hot interaction.”


Why I prefer (no. 4) Perfectly Preserved Cake

Nothing convincing was chosen as a reason to prefer this. The best reason we could find was:

Rainlily (Lightbringer-US): “..the cake thing is really cute”.

However, with this trinket we can better indicate why people don’t like it. Best summarized by:

Zaxvriin (Terrokar-US): “Clearly blizzard forgot the lightwell problem.”



Which neck is your favorite?

First of all, let me present you with our options in the Nighthold:

So what do we prefer?

Here’s what people are after:

Why I prefer (no. 1) Beleron’s Choker of Misery:

  • Because of the stats (crit heavy with mastery)


Why I prefer (no.2) Talisman of the Shal’dorei:

  • Because of the stat balance (equal mastery/crit/haste)


Why I prefer (no.3) Zealous Timestone Pendant:

  • Because of the mastery


Which 2 rings do you prefer?

Here is an overview of the rings dropping in the Nighthold:

So what rings did everyone pick?


Why did you pick these?

  • Stats of course!
  • Some might pick another drop because of item level however.


What relics are you after?

Here are the options:

Relic choices


This is perhaps the most divided we’ve seen people in our questionnaire so far. Perhaps because choosing the relic that seems right for you is so incredibly dependent on: what stat prio you use, what build you use, what legendary you have, the size of the raid you play in, or whether you run mythic +. Additionally, people seem to wonder about the interaction between Healing Stream Totem and our 4-piece set bonus. The fact that the quality of the relics isn’t /cheer-worthy, makes the choice even more difficult. And don’t forget: relics add item level to your weapon, increasing your intellect. Meaning, relics are likely to be chosen for the upgrade of item level / intellect alone.



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The Cake trinket isn’t the best, that’s for sure, but the comment about why it’s bad isn’t correct either as you don’t have to click the cake to receive the buff, Allies just have to be within 10 yards to receive the shield. So it does make it a little better, but still nothing great.


If that’s true it must be a recent change?


I received the trinket from the TImewalking Dungeon quest reward, but haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet. This is what people on wowhead have said:

“Hello fellow cake fiends! I received this hilarious trinket from our friend Trilliax tonight.

Here are some quick observations:

Placing the cake does not trigger a Global Cooldown, so if you don’t want to concern yourself with the placement every 120 seconds, you could macro it to another ability.

The cake recipient does not need to click the cake, they just need to walk near it at some point during the 12-second duration. The radius seems to be about 10 yards.

If you place the cake in near group of people, all the charges will be expended immediately, though the cake’s model does remain on the ground for awhile still.

The cake caster is credited with the cake shield as healing done, just like most other shields. According to the combat log, the spell is Delicious Cake!”


So what are our BIS trinkets? Seems other classes are more clear on their BiS then rshaman is, rshaman feels all over the place, just look at relic preferences, any good one is a good one.


Hard to give a BiS, but Urn off Nightbane is up there, as well as the Bottle off Helya. Stat sticks are very solid for shamans, but looking at the 2 top ones in Nighthold, they are looking very strong as well.


Yeh figured… I had stat sticks but when mana was a concern I got the darkmoon trinket. Feels like classes like hpal, hpriest and rdruid are more clear with that trinkets they would want, and I’m like…I have all these options and I don’t know what to use >.<


I think, that I want to get Etraeus’ Celestial Map and Ephemeral Paradox.
Why I want Etraeus’ Celestial Map? Cos I have Memento of Angerboda (890 ilvl) on my ench, and it’s great.
Why I want Ephemeral Paradox? I have Focuser of Jonat, the Elder and, lets face it, I do not know, how to use it. So, I will set WA on Ephemeral Paradox proc, and cast healing wave, restor my mana and get my ring work.
Maybe, if Ephemeral Paradox will have low-chance proc, I will use something with flat-stats or Auriels’ Mirror. Or, maybe, if I change my legendary ring for something else (I want new legendary trinket or gloves), I’ll wear Map + Mirror.

Any case… it’s all look like dancing with a tambourine around the campfire and totems (lol), in hope of compete with other healers.