We have done something different.

Normally, we write a ‘preparing for instance A’, followed by optimized playstyle guides after progress. But not this time. Let’s change things up a little! What we’ve done is as follows: we created a list of questions to be answered by you, the readers. We want experts and novices alike to fill it out and share your views with us.

But what about the guides?

In a way, the questionnaire is like a guide. All the important topics are discussed and changes are listed. Use it to facilitate your thought process on how to enter the Nighthold. After we’ve received a decent amount of entries, and the bosses start falling on mythic, we will translate it into sturdy tier guides.

But I’m not a guide writer, are you sure you want my answers?

Yes! We do! If you’re not aware of certain things, then just say I don’t know. This helps us identify what things we should explain in our guides. It helps us identify knowledge gaps. Also, if we don’t agree with entries, then we can explain why we view things a certain way in our guides. If you clearly know what you are talking about, then we can use your argumentation to improve ours.

We’re always being asked to give guides before content is cleared. This feels illogical, and I’ll leave that effort to other sites. We want to make you think and broaden your knowledge. Hopefully you will join us on that journey as we enter the Nighthold. Below we are sharing a Google Form. Here you can answer our questions. We hope you participate!

Just one little thing

The patch note process has been awful. Changes after changes after changes. It can occur that something is not correct as a result. If you see any irregularities, please respond down here, on the forum, or PM us on Discord (Dorelei#9213 or Nihilith#0574).

Thursday 12th of January 2017: We started analyzing the results as we received over 300 entries. You can still submit your entry, for your interest and ultimately to firm our conclusions.


(Google Form)

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3 years ago

I should have done a little better research before I filled it out… I hadn’t realized the neck was getting such a nice boost so that would have changed the legendary answers a bit. I’ve literally been getting stuck in my chair for over an hour trying to catch up on Earthshrine Discord conversations, afraid I’m gonna miss something cool that didn’t get pinned :P. I am still anxious to hear overall opinion about the WS changes (even though it’s a bit … clunky? to fit in our spell cycles and such), just for funsies, and hoping people are sending Canibe logs with Priestest so we can get a better grasp on the proc rate. I gemmed my new legendary neck with a socket with the soldier one for now, just to be safe. Anyway – as always, you guys are the best, and it’s awesome to be part of this community. Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work.

3 years ago

I really loved doing this! It got me thinking about things a lot more than I usually would going into a new tier. I’m still hanging out for the expert opinion on everything, but I feel like I have a better understanding of what’s happening. So thank you for this! 😀

3 years ago

I’m going to chime in with Dorelei’s comment. It has been awesome reading through all of the responses, so much so I’m having a hard time moving out of my chair and get dinner cooking, it’s too much fun 😀 It’s so very appreciated you all taking the time to fill this out, again, thank you.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

How do you rate the answers from shamans form _low achievement_ servers in relation to _top notch_ servers?

3 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

Maybe I’m just mad that I didn’t got Xavius laid at mythic. :-/ But to keep on topic. If I search for the “best healing result” on warcraftlogs.com I see a lot of very experienced guilds where they tend to sent three top geared healers to a twink raid because that allows them to bring one more dps so the mastery of the shaman kicks in and we all now, if it kicks it kicks hard. 😉
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