Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Xhul’horac mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Talent choice(s):

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral Swiftness. This all comes down to sub 20% when the boss starts casting Overwhelming Chaos and whether you feel the need to bring a second Spirit Link to that point. Also, depending on the tactic your group uses (are you actively preventing Void Surge or not), there might be close to nothing to heal until the last 20%. If you are progressing, having two charges of Spirit Link on the last bit of the encounter is extremely valuable. If you are farming, snipe with Ancestral Swiftness.

Keep an eye out for the tanks, they take heavy damage during this fight.


Cooldown usage:

There might be some points during the fight where you want to use cooldowns, other than below 20%. Either the Chains of Fel hit hard, or something could blow up when the two elements meet (fel and void touching and causing exploding). you can use either Healing Tide Totem or Ascendance, just be careful not to overextend because when you reach 20% you’re going to need all the cooldowns you can get. Make a plan for the cooldown usage. If surges are dealth with properly, you shouldn’t be having too many uncontrolled explosions. 

During the first 80% of the fight, the only real damage (aside from chains) will be during the Fel Surges. These come in every 30 seconds, this aligns perfectly with your Healing Stream Totem (to heal hits from Fel Surge) and Grounding Totem (to prevent Void Surge from being cast on players).

Note: there are raid groups that don’t prevent Void Surge from spawning, and let the void and fel cancel eachother out during the fight.


Utility usage:

First of all, Grounding Totem is a big thing on this boss. It will allow for your group to avoid basically every Void Surge Xhul’horac casts. However, there’s a trick or two to dealing with this properly.

  1. Void Surge lines up with your Grounding Totem perfectly, aside from one moment: after Omnus dies two subsequenct Void Surges can be cast in a matter of seconds. You can deal with this in two ways: either you spec into Call of the Elements (and gain an extra Grounding Totem), or the DPS is aware made aware that this can happen. Assigning a designated Voide Surge spot is never a bad idea to begin with. Also, this one moment where you possibly would have to deal with this, doesn’t justify running the talent. 
  2. Secondly, Grounding Totem has a 25 yard range. If you need to get people in range, you have to move there or yell at people to get in range. You could technically move the totem with Totemic Projection, but it takes like 1 or 2 seconds for the buff to reapply. During this time it often happens that a different cast is absorbed by the Grounding Totem. Therefore, you can only place it once and during the cast only ( – weak aura that pops up for the 1,5 seconds during which you can pop your Grounding Totem to cancel Void Surge). 

Glyphing grounding totem (to shorter cd), does not necessarily solvethe problem when void surge is recast shortly after its been previously cast.

Keehn: ‘My ranged spread all over the map when they get chains, so I set up a range radar with 25 yards to see if they’re all in it’.

Dorelei: ‘We used to have an assigned spot with assigned people. Fel Surge would come up, I’d drop my Healing Stream Totem, run to the soak group. Then I’d wait for the Void Surge timer and drop the Grounding Totem, before running back into the group at the boss again. 

You might need to drop Capacitator Totem on the Wild Pyromaniac to interrupt their casting. However, you’re better off letting others deal with this. Grounding Totem shares the same element as Capacitor Totem, so you could possibly cancel one out with the other. 



You can either stand in melee or in range on this boss, both having advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to stand in melee you have to run out with Fel Surge. If you stand in range group you have to run with Chains of Fel, just remember to get under the boss when the green guy Vanguard Akkelion dies, you don’t want Empowered Chains of Fel on you.

Dorelei: ‘It depends on the strategy of your group. Some groups position their ranged in melee by default, others are more casual on their positioning’. 


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4 years ago

hi a question. I know it’s not much to heal on this boss before 20-25% and when you doing it with a disc and Hpala + druid and pala tank is your healing as resto shammy gonna suffer even under prog before you hit the 20% mark and thats when you use most of your CDs and burst your healing?

4 years ago

Quick question about using the grounding totem for the void surge. So, do people just neatly stack up all the fel surge in a pile and never need to clear it?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rainlily

Pretty much yeah, you will clear it every once in a while using the debuffs granted from black hole to contain it just a little bit, since it will still spread/travel.

4 years ago

Do you have tips for positioning? We tank the boss on the left edge of the circle on the floor, and bait group on the far right. I can’t actually soak the void surges, it’s super messy with projection, and I can’t really stand in the middle of the room either. We’re also 4-healing this at the moment.. Tanks seem to get absolutely swatted.

4 years ago

Using Grounding Totem on this fight twice is strong but i personally choose Totemic Projection here.

I mainly use Totemic Projection here to stun adds with Capacitor Totem and Relocate my spirit link to save lives.
As we raid with 2 holy paladins and 1 disc priest i don’t have much to heal on this boss until he hits 20%, so i have time to interrupt and stun the adds.
Also i like to take Astral Shift here to clear fell or void surge patches on the floor if people messed up, This also helps with one overwhelming chaos when timed correctly.