Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Tyrant Velhari mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Talent choice(s):

For this fight, we recommend you running Echo of the Elements. Aside from it probably being requested by your raid leader or healing officers, it will provide you with a welcome extra cooldown. Ancestral Swiftness is possible, but it will make it more risky (especially in phase 3).


Dunderz: ‘This is a fight where you benefit from using Spiritwalker’s Focus and Echo of the Elements. Having Two Spirit Link Totems will provide a lot of utility on this fight.’


Dunderz: ‘You can choose Conductivity to boost your HPS, not because it does more for you or the group.’


Cooldown usage:

There are a few abilities on this boss where cooldowns are ideally used.

Edict of Condemnation. A massive hammer falling over a player dealing damage in pulses. This ability is recurring and has to be handled with a cooldown. In phase 3 you will most likely sacrifice players by making them port out of the group with a Demonic Gateway, to die on their own. For ranking purposes this will probably be (partially) out healed. 

Mynt: ‘Don’t instantly drop Spirit Link Totem, it will take a few seconds from the moment the hammer before the first pulse hits.’


Infernal Tempest (phase 1). This ability does some raid damage and you can use a cooldown like popping Ascendance with Spiritwalker’s Grace. There’s not a lot of healing required to survive this but it shouldn’t be underestimated. You can consider using this on the first or second Infernal Tempest.

It might happen in phase 1 (depending on your dps) that Infernal Tempest (the third) will overlap with Edict of Condemnation, when this happens it’s a good idea to pop Spirit Link Totem with Healing Tide Totem.

Keehn: ‘I use Healing Tide Totem on the second Edict of Condemnation. Depending on your DPS this might coincide with the third Infernal Tempest. Healing Tide Totem will be back up in the third phase.’


Gavel of the Tyrant (phase 3). If you don’t have a cooldown to handle this, you will be in trouble. Having Spirit Link Totem, Healing Tide Totem or Ascendance with Spiritwalker’s Grace will be mandatory. You will probably see two or three gavel’s, so spread out your cooldowns accordingly.


Be clever when dispelling Touch of Harm keep an eye on their health and make sure to remove it if they dip too low. You probably end up assigning one healer to control the dispelling. Especially since you want to minimize overall dispelling.

Consider moving your Spirit Link Totem in phase 3. After Gavel of the Tyrant, you might be knocked back into an AoE patch (Bulwark of the Tyrant). Spirit Link Totem can soften these hits and smoothen out health spikes.


Try to avoid getting hit by Annihilating Strike if you’re not fixated since it is just unwanted damage.

During Infernal Tempest you only have to step twice. You can avoid the Searing Blaze this way. Stand still, and after the second Searing Blaze has spawned, you can step just outside the circle. When you see they’re gone, you just move back to your original spot.

Dunderz: ‘Here’s a meter ranking strategy: when the Aura of Contempt is canceled (just before phase 3), pop all your cooldowns + intellect potion + healer ring and top the meters.’


Dunderz: ‘Focus your healing on the people with Fonts of Corruption. They take random damage, and of course keep an eye on your own debuff if applicable.’


Halu: Riptide is really strong, keep it on as many targets as you can.’


Keehn: ‘Watch out that if an add/boss is on top of a Demonic Gateway. It becomes impossible to click on (especially relevant in phase three with moving out quickly before the first tick).’


Dunderz: ‘In phase 3, if people are stacking properly, place your Healing Rain half on the raid. Place the other half towards where you’re going to move next, so you maximize Healing Rain
effectiveness. It depends on how coordinated your raid is.’


Dunderz: ‘You can Purge the Harbinger’s Mending if a cast gets through.


Keehn: ‘Or you interrupt Harbinger’s Mending to begin with :D!’

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4 years ago

Hello! I wanted to know what you thought about using the leech trinket on Velhari? From my understanding the leech trink doesn’t include totem healing and may only be great for ph3?

I believe eve there was some discussion about this already, but I can’t seem to find what section it is under.


4 years ago
Reply to  Charliz

Might be under ask us anything, but either way I don’t think the trinket will do a lot other than overhealing in p2. In p3 when people start doing increased damage it might be extremely valuable, and you are correct it does not take totem healing into account. 🙂

5 years ago

I’m curious. You say I can take Conductivity for the HPS gain, but not because it is more beneficial to the group. What do suggest in that tier then? I can’t see how rushing streams could be any more helpful.

5 years ago

A good thing to add could be to Totem Projection the spirit link into melee in ph1, if your strategy is to run into melee with the edict and the edict overlaps with Infernal tempest

5 years ago
Reply to  Dispeleroni

Hmm, well the odds of getting the overlap which I’ve only experienced as mentioned above, is pretty slim depending on the dps you have. That being said yes if you are not already running to the group to help soak Edict, you should use Totemic Projection to move Spirit Link to melee.