Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of  Socrethar the Eternal mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Talent choice(s):

Level 30: Earthgrab Totem or Windwalk Totem. You have two choices here depending on where you struggle on the fight. Does your tank have issues with managing the adds? Go for Earthgrab Totem. If not, use Windwalk Totem. More about this later in the utility section.

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral Swiftness. Both are viable on this fight. However, Echo of the Elements loses some of its power when moving into the Socrethar phase, because not everyone will be able to benefit from it because they spread out with Gift of the Man’ari. This is why Ancestral Swiftness probably more effective.

Keehn: If you struggle with keeping up the people with Gift of Man’ari, you could consider using Glyph of Chaining during progress’ (note: this is not a standard choice at all).

Dunderz: ‘This is one of those fights where optimizing doesn’t make or break it. It comes down to carrying out mechanics properly. 

Dorelei: ‘Don’t forget to keep your dispels up :)’.

Cooldown usage:

Construct Phase:

For this phase you can use cooldowns when the Construct is casting Apocalyptic Felburst, this is a good time to use your Spirit Link Totem, and you can use either Healing Tide Totem or Ascendance to top off the damage.

Socrethar Phase:

Here you want to use your cooldowns during Apocalypse, and again talk to the other healers and make sure not to overlap your cooldowns.


Utility usage:

You need to make a decision on your level 30 talents. Either you choose Earthgrab Totem, this allows you to keep ghosts in place. Or you run with Windwalk Totem, allowing you (and the raid) to move through the Felblaze Charge. where Windwalk Totem is great for allowing to run freely across the fire left behind by Felblaze Charge.

On the other hand we have Earthgrab Totem, this is great for handling the Haunting Souls either if you are having troubles laying down the fire trails with the construct or controlling the first few packs until the fire covers enough ground to slow them down efficiently. It can happen that they run loose given that people stand at an off angle.

Keehn: ‘You can keep an eye on the boss, and if it looks like interrupts are going through, you can help.’



You might have to go a little out of your way to position Earthgrab Totem to root the Haunting Souls, but other than that you should just stay stacked with the ranged group at the end of a fire trail and run out if you get Gift of the Man’ari.

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