Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Shadow-Lord Iskar mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

We assume you won’t have to deal with Chains of Despair, since the caster (the Phantasmal Resonance) is currently being nuked down before it takes effect.

Talent choice(s):

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral Swiftness. Both talents are viable on this boss, you can go with them as you like. The extra Spirit Link Totem can be good for having a back-up cooldown if something goes south. While Ancestral Swiftness will just add the haste and panic/on-the-move heal.


Cooldown usage:

There shouldn’t be much reason to use cooldowns on ground phases, except if Fel Incineration is poorly kited. Cooldowns should instead be focused around the air phases. Spirit Link Totem can be used on the first Focused Blast if people are stacking up. But make sure to spread out after this to avoid blowing up people with Chains of DespairHealing Tide Totem can be used on the Focused Blasts where you can’t stack up, same goes for Ascendance paired with Spiritwalker’s Grace.


Special duties:

There are four special tasks of which all, a few, or none can be appointed to you during this fight:

  1. Dispelling Fel Bomb (can be appointed to all healers, as long as they carry the Eye of Anzu at the time of the dispell)
  2. Interrupting the Shadowfel Warden’s Fel Conduit cast (appointed to either resto shaman, holy paladin, mistweaver monk or tank)
  3. Avoiding Shadow Riposte from being succesfully casted (either handled by ranged dps or the healers)
  4. Ensuring the tank clears his Phantasmal Corruption on time (healer throws to tank on time)

The reason behind making a resto shaman do this, is because we have short enough cooldown on our interrupt to counter all Fel Conduits and we can dispel Fel Bombs at the same time.

Halu: ‘You could throw the eye to people with Phantasmal Wounds to cancel the debuff, but this becomes a mess.. just outheal the debuff’.


Be careful not to stack right on top of the boss since the Fel Chakram will hit you if aren’t paying attention. Be ready to pop Unleash Life or Ghost Wolf if you are targeted by Fel Chakram to get into position, same goes if you are getting fixated by Fel Incineration – Do not kite it through melee. Make sure to line up with the person holding the Eye of Anzu (probably you, so make the ranged group stack), for when Focused Blast comes in to share the damage.

Dunderz: ‘I use a focus macro for interrupting the warden’.
(put the Warden on focus or use /focus Shadowfel Warden)
#showtooltip Wind Shear
/cast [@focus] Wind Shear

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