Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Hellfire High Council mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Talent choices:

Level 60: Echo of the Elements. There will be a lot of stacked moments on this boss, giving you plenty of opportunity to drop an efficient Spirit Link Totem.  

Level 75: Rushing Streams or Conductivity. Conductivity will give a slight mana save due to keeping Healing Rain up longer, and not having to recast it every 10 seconds. Choosing this talent will ultimately come down to whether or not your group is able to stand still in the Healing Rain.


Cooldown usage:

When Blademaster Jubei’thos is casting Mirror Images you should consider using your Healing Tide Totem since people will be spread here and chaining them will probably do little to them. If you pop Healing Tide Totem on the first reap, it should be back up for the first Mirror Images (this way you use your Tide twice). Another strategy is to burn all your cooldowns on the stacked phases. Since this is your strength as a shaman, it makes sense to have other healers cover the spread encounter moments.  

As you’ve killed Gurtogg and Blademaster you might want to hold on to some of your cooldowns for when you push Dia Darkwhisper below 30% since the debuffs at that point will no longer be removed by Reap. It is very strong/important to have all cooldowns at this point when also accounting for the damage done by the Blademaster’s Wicked Strike, especially having 2 Spirit Links will be a safe bet. When stacking up as Dia Darkwhisper casts Wailing Horror you could consider using a Spirit Link Totem to control the health of your allies and contain the damage done by the debuffs. 



On this boss it is important that you are positioning yourself so that you can gain the Bloodboil stacks, but don’t get more than 3 stacks before getting close enough to the boss so they can fall off, does it happen that you get upwards of 5+ you should pop Astral Shift and run on top of the boss. Should you get targeted by Gurtogg Bloodboil, as he casts Fel Rage, it is important that you run to melee with him as it will allow for them to cleave on him.

The odds of you getting Mark of the Necromancer as a healer in the first 70% of the fight, is very slim. Towards the end, the Reaps can spread a bit more to the raid (due to deaths or when the boss almost dies) and healers can end up having to deal with it.

Spiritwalker’s Grace can be used on several occasions here, when Mirror Images is up and you have to dodge the Fel Blade, when you have to move during Wailing Horror or when Gurtogg casts Leap.



Throughout the fight, Dia will apply debuffs (Mark of the Necromancer) on random targets (healers have lowest priority). The debuff has four stages which will show as: purple, yellow, pink. Most groups dispell the targets with the debuff somewhere in between 5 and 10 seconds after their debuff turned pink. This is usually 15 seconds before the Reap is cast. Dispelling a debuff, causes it to jump to three new targets. Once Reap is out, the debuffs will expire and leave a pool on the ground. Note that if someone dies with a debuff, it will jump to other targets (just like when it is dispelled). If this happens shortly before the Reap cast, your raid members might not be able to move out fast enough and drop the pool under the raid.

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