Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Hellfire Assault mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Since is the first fight you will encounter in HFC on mythic, perhaps even before killing Archimonde on heroic mode. This is generally regarded to be the ‘easiest’ boss of the instance. You will mostly face trash, and the differences from heroic mode are minor. However, this does not mean you can’t wipe on this boss. If the DPS doesn’t properly focus adds, you can easily become overwhelmed. On the other hand, if your group deals with the mobs properly, you probably won’t be able to get any heals in.


Talent Choices:

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral Swiftness. For this fight we feel like there’s a choice between Echo of the Elements and Ancestral Swiftness. If you can’t make the second Spirit Link be very effective due to people being too spread on the sides, you might want to swap it out for Ancestral Swiftness for the added haste, emergency heal or instant cast on the go. In general we regard it to be more safe to run with Echo of the Elements. You get an extra Riptide, next to the additional Spirit Link, which suites progression more. Ancestral Swiftness comes more in to play with ranking on this fight, it is harder to maximize and easier to snipe with.


Cooldown usage:

Keep an eye on the ‘Gorebound Felcaster’ spawning. Once they enter their metamorphosis state and start spamming Felfire Volley, the group takes considerable amounts of damage. Should both felcasters do this at the same time, don’t hesitate to use a cooldown. Once two siege engines ride down the middle of the encounter area, you can anticipate heavy incoming damage.



Contracted Engineers will spawn and randomly cast a stun on people. To avoid this, you can aid by interrupting, or throwing down a grounding totem. By doing this you prevent having to dispel the stun, and ultimately avoiding dps downtime.



The encounter starts in the middle, and splits up to the left and right side. Overall, you can expect the left side to take more damage then the right side.

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