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Debuffs to track

Drenched – 231770

These targets will be taking periodic damage, that increases with the number of stacks. Try to keep Riptide rolling on these targets. Large groups with this debuff make a great location to drop Earthen Shield Totem.

Jagged Abrasion – 231998

This is the tank debuff. Rolling Riptide on the afflicted tank will help ease the damage from this debuff.


Timing of your Cloudbursts

Above you can see where the raid damage spikes – on casts of Frigid Blows, Unchecked Rage, and Frosty Discharge. It is advised to prepare a Cloudburst Totem for every Unchecked Rage while using your raid cooldowns to deal with Frigid Blows. By Dropping Cloudburst Totem about 12 seconds before the Unchecked Rage cast, you should be able to maximize your burst healing.

Additional Notes
  • This fight involved large amounts of stacked damage, an area that shamans thrive in. Ensure you make the most out of your Healing Rain, and if possible, T20 4-piece set bonus.
  • Spirit Link is most valuable for any periods of damage where your raid is not moving often enough to negate its effect.


Recommended talents


30 45 60 75 90


Torrent Graceful Spirit Lightning Surge Totem Ancestral Guidance Earthen Shield Totem Cloudburst Totem Hightide


This is how others killed Harjatan

Canibehealz <Temerity>

Set? 15 30 45 60 75 90 100 L1 L2 T1


4 piece T19 Torrent GS LST AG EST CBT HT DGD Velen’s Velen’s




Harjatan is a strong encounter for CBT as it has very predictable timers for Unchecked Rage (the slam the boss does, split among the raid). On top of that, there is repeated ticking damage from adds or dots through the encounter, causing EST to gain value. The Unchecked Rage casts are very rarely ever lethal, as long as the raid is stacked properly. The highest likelihood of APT use would be mostly a non-concern. Because of this very highly predictable stacked raid damage, GotQ can also see very strong use on this encounter, making it an even better environment for CBT.

Canibehealz: “Earthgrab Totem is very useful together with Earthbind Totem for extra area coverage for slows on the adds coming from the hatched eggs.”

Maeveycakes <Big Dumb Guild>

Set? 15 30 45 60 75 90 100 L1 L2 T1


4 piece T19 Torrent GS LST AG EST CBT HT Velen’s Tidecallers Velen’s




Harjatan is a strong encounter for resto shamans as the group is almost always stacked and damage is paced by the following pattern: Unchecked Rage x2, then Draw In.  Minor cooldowns like Cloudburst Totem and Gift of the Queen are good for unchecked rages, while cooldowns like Ancestral Guidance and Healing Tide Totem are good at keeping the raid topped during Frigid Blows, followed by a Cloudburst Totem detonation to heal up the Frosty Discharge. Spirit Link Totem also finds use when moving the boss to an egg for an unchecked rage just in case some people aren’t fully in position.


Lytheia <Revive>

Set? 15 30 45 60 75 90 100 L1 L2 T1


4 piece T19 Torrent GS LST AG EST CBT HT Roots Velen’s Velen’s




This fight was entirely about playing around large bursts of output, and periods of focusing on passive healing and mana regeneration. Basically, I would blow a large portion of my mana, followed by passive regeneration while playing very efficiently until the next burst. I found it was best to let my Healing Rain, Riptide and Healing Stream Totem do the bulk of the work. Followed by pumping my mana into large Cloudbursts to counter the bursts of damage. Chain Heal, Gift of the Queen and Ancestral Guidance were my main tools for Unchecked Rage, while Healing Tide Totem and Spirit Link were best used on Frigid Blows.


Nisekoi <Without a Trace>

Set? 15 30 45 60 75 90 100 L1 L2 T1


4 piece T19 UL GS LST AG EST CBT HT Fire i/t Deep Roots Velen’s




For Harjatan I tried out different Legendary setups. As Velen’s and Elemental Rebalancers didn’t have the kind of impact that I wanted, I switched to Fire in the Deep that I got from the Goroth kill. That is when I noticed it is not quite as bad as I thought as long as the Boss allows for it. For only being able to convert one proc (due to simply not casting enough Healing Rain), it still did a good amount of healing. I wouldn’t actually recommend it on Harjatan as the timing can be quite tricky and there are a lot of situations where you don’t want it to proc. As usual, Roots of Shaladrassil was used for self-sustain.

Talent wise I ran my usual Unleash Life/AG/EST/CBT/HT. Unleash Life proved especially useful since the damage patterns are predictable. There is use for it on cooldown, and with pre-casting Chain Heal for each unchecked Rage my mastery helped out as well. CBT was tricky to use, but there is no use for Echo here. Therefore, learning the CBT timings will always be better.

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