Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Gorefiend mythic. We will not cover all the mechanics.

Talent choices:

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral Swiftness. If you use both charges during the first feast, only one Spirit Link Totem will be up for the second feast with Echo of the Elements. Therefore, you can maximize output more with Ancestral Swiftness. Running with Echo of the Elements won’t save you from wiping mechanics. However, your raid leader / healing officer might still ask for it as a double cooldown during the first or second feast.

Regardless, having two Spirit Link Totems is incredibly strong on this fight during the Feast of Souls phases. It will make the health drop happen evenly and no one will suddenly die to a spike. Having more charges on Riptide and Unleash Life will also benefit you inside the stomach. So there is plenty of reason to run with Echo of the Elements.

Level 90: Unleashed Fury or Elemental Blast.


Keehn: ‘I can understand this being an odd one, but we had a lot of trouble with adds getting out of hand outside the stomach. Unleashed Fury will add a ton of healing to the adds inside the stomach, making you able to nearly solo heal them, relieving some of the pressure on the dps outside. If you struggle with mana or aren’t “gutsy” enough, stick with Elemental Blast. This situation probably won’t occur anymore with the current gear levels.’



The ideal moment for a Draenic Channeled Mana Potion is right after the Feast of Souls. Watch the timers: channel the potion in between the Crushing Darkness and the Touch of doom so you don’t end up having to break the channel prematurely.


Cooldown usage:

You should save ALL your cooldowns for when the boss enters the Feast of Souls phase. It will be very healing intensive and your raid leader / healer officer will assign the cooldowns. It is crucial that the raid has a cooldowns up continuously, and overlap is minimal.

Spiritwalker’s Grace is great for moving to the Shared Fate  target, when you’re about to be ported in with Shadow of Death, or if you get Touch of Doom – consider using the Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Focus if you aren’t using that already. If you have Spiritwalker’s Grace available during Feast of Souls, you can use it while you have to soak your assigned Unstable Soul


Utility usage:

Windwalk Totem is a lifesaver on this boss, if there are Gorebound Essence alive outside they will slow you. Using Windwalk Totem to cancel the effect relieves your raid tremendously.

Halu: ‘consider using Call of the Elements to reset Windwalk Totem if your raid struggles with being slowed during progress’  (this is a remedy not a solution)

When you are hit with Shadow of Death, run to your designated spot and pre-cast a Riptide followed by an Unleash Life to make sure you get a super strong heal off on the first spirit. This is super powerful when used with Unleashed Fury (talent).



Stay somewhat centered, so you have a greater range of healing people up. This will also make you have to run less far to get out of Shared Fate.

Dorelei: ‘As a resto shaman, your job is to heal the Feasts of Souls and the adds inside the stomach. During the normal time upstairs, its your time to regain mana a little bit.’

Dunderz: ‘Don’t feel like you have to be mana efficient inside/downstairs, just spam. The travel time in and out will even out your mana. Also, prioritize the essences on 0% to activate your mastery to the fullest.’

Dorelei: ‘Once an add is above 80%, prioritize low hp essences instead of getting them to 100% (if you have to choose). The DPS will be able to get them down almost instantly’.


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4 years ago

Good guide but could you add for each boss a trinket choice 🙂 would be useful i guess

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

Oh yea sorry I´m blind :c ! Awesome work tho, helped me alot 🙂 Busting my raid with low ilvl !

4 years ago

Trinket choices for this boss? I have been hearing Emulsion is stupidly OP for Gorefiend. Does it trump any other trinkets, regardless of item level?

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

Another huge benefit on these 2 bosses in particular, are the phases where the boss takes increased damage, this will be a direct massive increase in the healing done by leech. This will make UFE far superior to other trinkets if you don’t care about personal rankings. 😀

I’d say pick a trinket suiting what you’re struggling on, if you have issues inside don’t use UFE since it will only grant you the spirit and leech won’t do any good on the ghosts (Or bring holy paladins since they can solo stomach with class trinket). If it is during the feast that you lack healing the most, you should definitely keep using UFE.

4 years ago

Howdy! I also had a quick question about the belly. Do you think it is worth it to spend a GCD to earth shield the essences that you are healing before you pump healing surges into them for the 20% increase? I only ask because we are already using GCD’s on UL and riptides, so I just wanted to know if you think by this point your just wasting valuable time if you’re not spamming surge once these are cast.



4 years ago
Reply to  Fistmyphole

I don’t think it’s worth it, how I do it is to pop UL as I run to the next spirit I have to heal, and then I spam surge until it’s topped off.

4 years ago

Any tips you can provide to increase HPS inside the belly?  I’m told im a bit low and I’m keeping up tidal waves and spamming healing surge.  Is UL worth uses or are the global’s slowing me down?


4 years ago
Reply to  Xenõcryst

Well I have a rotation when entering the belly, I riptide and pop UL when running to my ‘spot’. Then right when I enter, I have what I need to cast a powerful Healing Surge. When I am about to swap to a new spirit, I make sure to have Tidal Waves up and then I pop UL to again increase the potency of the next Healing Surge. Outside of this there is not really much else to do than spam healing surge.

I even ran with Uleanshed Fury together with Echo of the Elements during progress, I did this because we had really poor healing inside. It will of course be a huge strain on mana because you’ll lose out on Elemental Blast and it is by no means recommended. But it did give me the power of healing them to 100% with ‘lucky’ healing surge.

5 years ago

Popping ring when inside his belly, yes/no? Thoughts?

5 years ago
Reply to  Myth

Hey Myth!

I dont consider using the ring inside his belly to be a viable option, mainly for the 2 reasons:

1. The duration of the ring does not match the time you spend down there (assuming you dont get brought out too fast, in which case there are other issues than just the throughput down there).

2. The value of using the ring during the stacked up part of the fight (Feast) is huge, and could easily be used just as another cooldown during that phase.

I gues one thing worth mentioning is that if the first squad of healers being sent down into his belly uses the ring, it will be back up again during the Feast. However this means that only the first wave of healers being sent down is going to be able to use it for downstairs, so if you guys are having problems with topping the adds off I would look at using personal CDs (Wings/PI/Tree) for more consistency. Using the ring on the first wave is just going to give you a slight buffer for one of the two times you have to top the adds off.

5 years ago
Reply to  Dunderz

Cheers for the answer!

I’ll stick to using it when I’m one of the first healers sent down then, seems like a waste not to use it (either inside or outside).

5 years ago
Reply to  Myth

Ok to clear this up bit more you can use healing ring just when 1st set of healers are going in on pull and then after that only during feast phases.
1st set of healers going in @ 0:35 from pull
2nd set of healers going in @ 1:11 from pull
1st feast phase @ 2:35 from pull
1st set of healers after 1st feast going in @ 3:33 from pull
2nd set of healers after 1st feast going in @ 4:18 from pull
2nd feast phase @ 5:35 from pull
As you can see at 3:33 ring is not rdy , at 4:18 ring can be rdy in theory but if you use it there its not rdy for 2nd feast at 5:35

5 years ago
Reply to  Halûcinogen

Thanks again,

And yeah that’s what I meant, only use it on that first set right after pull, worded it poorly I guess.