On the second day of Blizzcon, more artwork has been released for ‘The Scepter of Azshara’. Whether this actually is artwork for the resto shaman artifact hasn’t been confirmed, since the pictures were just shared without titles. However, since our weapon description reads ‘The scepter swirlls with the water of the Well of Eternity..’, we are fairly sure of our guess. Not to mention, the middle staff looks a lot like a different color version of the artwork released yesterday. Same goes for the first staff, which resembles the mace from the mace / off-hand combination we saw earlier.


More versions of ‘The Scepter of Azshara’

Day 2 blizzcon artwork weapon art

Empowering artifacts

The shaman class hall area, The Maelstrom, was featured as an example. When we ’empower’  our artifacts in Legion, shamans will do so at The Maelstrom in the setting depicted below.

Day 2 blizzcon artwork class hals


Play all specs!

One of the biggest changes announced yesterday, was that we will be able to play all the specs. Instead of being limited to two specializations, you will be able to swap to whichever spec you fancy. In Legion you can actively use Enhancement, Elemental and Restoration.


Want to read more?

Yesterday, we shared more artifact news in our post: ‘Resto shaman artifact weapon announced‘.

Mmo Champion has every single statement from Blizzcon about Legion listed on their website: mmo-champion.com

Blizzard is releasing class info at: eu.battle.net/wow/en/game/artifacts/



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