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Keehn's UI

In this section we will let people share their UI’s (hopefully)! I will start off with showing you mine, go through my addons and share some of my Weak Aura strings. But first of all lets see the damn thing. πŸ˜€

Keehn UI

(click to enlarge)

As you can see on the image I use:

  • BigWigs Bossmods
  • Weak Auras 2 – Heavy use
  • ElvUI
  • Vuhdo
  • Skada

The most important of these being Weak Auras. I use it to track minor and major cooldowns, buffs and debuffs, I will add some of my strings (click on blue to find pastebin links):

If you need any specific timers, since going through all of them to look for a few can be tedious, just ask here or ingame.

DISLAIMER; I have had some issues with WA that has disabled the generic timer when you enable “cooldown” on the auras, you might therefore experience having two timers on a single aura. This is sadly true for every single of my WA’s.

Vuhdo is a great raid frame addon, and it is easily customized to fit your needs. I personally don’t use the built in clique system (anymore at least), but it is a great tool for starting out. The only real problem I have with it is that sometimes the tooltips of players appear as I hover over the player on the raid frame (hence the black on the top of vuhdo). It just haven’t bothered me enough to look for another addon to replace it with, simply because it is so easy to add groups of CD’s to keep track of, or whitelist/blacklist debuffs you want shown.


Tip! If you want to share your UI below. Either include an image by using the option ’embed’ on sites like Imgur (just copy and paste the code), or link to the actual image (don’t use a shortlink!). That way it will show up without any issues :).


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I used Towelliees with a few changes, no threat meter, no raid frames. I really like it though.

[imgcomment image[/img]


[imgcomment image[/img]


http://imgur.com/a/TRHKq this is my UI πŸ™‚

I use: ElvUi – Decursive – DBM – Skada.


Hi guys, been a little while since I have visited. Nice feature sharing ui’s, I’m sure its helped ppl build their own. Just thought id share my simple little one and see what ya think. Still using blizzard standard ui with a few addons such as moveanything,vuhdo, tell me when, chatter and sexymap.


The two spaces on tmw are for earthen shield totem and gift of the queen, they were just on cd.


Think I’m pretty much set up now. Gap in WA’s is for Gift of the Queen.

comment image


Hey, I’m pretty lost with how to install this UI. Do you think you could help me? Sorry. I’m a complete newb at this.


First, you need to get and install ElvUI, which you can download here http://www.tukui.org/dl.php You then need to get one (or all) of my profiles and import it via the import profile function in ElvUI. You can find the link to my profiles in this post: https://chainheal.com/forums/topic/nihiliths-ui/
For extras such as boss mods/weak auras/add-on skinning/adding the fonts I use should you want those if you can just post in the forum post I linked that would be great. Any questions you have just ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Hey buddy thanks so much for the UI i love it! But only one problem. My skada when out of combat it disappears. Also when i start attacking i want it to show healing. Is there something in code i need to edit? It is really annoying and would like to fix this please?


I just want to note for those of you having the same issue. I found the fix:

FIX: Uninstall ElvUI Extra Skins addons

Log back in and issue fixed πŸ™‚


I just tried it with ElvUI add-on skins (so it should work for you) and didn’t have any issues myself, I was going to ask if you’d embedded it in the right chat or something since that might have caused the issue (since I don’t have a right chat), you could just disable the skada add-on skins though if you still want to use the add-on for other skinning things (dbm, big wigs etc.). If you have any other issues just let me, otherwise I wish you happy healing!


I did have it on right chat that could of been it as well. But now am up and running.


Yeah, that will be why then, since I have that disabled in my profile it’d probably cause some odd behaviour if you did that. Just for future refrence in case you decide to use add-on skins again you’ll need to not embedd it into that window. Glad to hear you got the rest up and running fine though. Enjoy!


Thank you and no problem! I’ll see if I can help, I don’t use Skada anymore (or any meter for that matter, I just use logs these days) so this is me going from memory from when I did have it many moons ago when char name was Zyx, Nihilith was taken then (Lei Shen in ToT).

– Have you checked to see if you have the out of combat toggle option enabled/disabled? I know there used to be an option in skada to check a box to have it show or not show in combat I suggest checking that. Also check the hide when solo check box.
– Check you have the updated add-on skins from curse (version 3.40)
– If you want it to show healing you have to select the healing from the bars that you have in Skada (you can back track and select different things such as threat, deaths etc. you can change this at any time) if you have that set to healing it should show. I think if you right click mouse when you see names of people it takes you back to where you can set what you want it to show, select healing and you should be good to go.
– If you want to have both damage and healing you can do that too by creating a new window in skada and have that set to dps. Linking very old UI picture to show what I mean. Back from when I was rocking elemental, ah the things one does for ones guild πŸ˜€

I hope this helps you. Ask away if you have any more questions.
comment image


Then problem is, this only happened once i imported your profile. Any other toons are fine. If i take out your profile skada works well. Thats why i figured it was your template.


Hey thanks for the rapid response. I will try this in the morning. I am new with my sham never healed before. I am ilvl834. I really want to be good. Played hunter since WOLK. But i dont think i use my priority’s the right way. How could i show you what am doing in dung for example. A video or logs?


I recommend reading through the different guides on here first (in the legion hub up at the top of the page: https://chainheal.com/emerald-nightmare/). Dorelei shared her own dungeon talent set-up with an explanation as to why she chose those talents, perhaps you’ll find that useful. Dungeons and raids usually heal differently than one another and talent choices will vary as well. In dungeons, once you feel comfortable healing, learning to use your utility (wind shear, purge, lightning surge totem etc.) will help you deal with incoming damage, for example I refer to lightning surge totem as my mini tank cd, a great tool to give you extra breathing room on rougher trash packs/overpulls. If you want to practice healing and develop muscle memory I recommend trying out proving grounds, they’re great and you don’t have to deal with pugs! You can of course link logs, go check out the link your logs subforum found here: https://chainheal.com/forums/forum/link-your-logs/


Odd. Which profile did you import? I know I shared some new ones (looks the same) last week. I’ll get Skada installed and see if I’ve done something that affects it somewhere. Not had it installed since creating this profile so shouldn’t cause any odd behaviour, I’ll get back to you and see. Are you skinning Skada using add-on skins and if so could you give me a screenshot of your add-on skins Skada settings, it might help me to see if there’s a conflict somewhere.


Amazing UI man. Just boosted myself a Shaman last night. When I get home from work in a few hours I know what I am setting up. Hope everything goes smooth. Seriously gorgeous UI.


Thank you! If you scroll down the page you can see some links to fonts (that work) as well as an updated profile. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll see if I can help.


Just curious if I use those wago links if everything will be in place as you have it or will I have to move everything around? Can’t wait to try this new UI out!


Everything but big wigs should be yes.

Normal heal frames: https://wago.io/VkRjdyd1G
30 + frames: https://wago.io/EyJgtJO1f
Raid DPS: https://wago.io/4yfEF1dyf

If you use my weak auras those have been updated but can fix a new link for those as well.

Big Wigs set up I can just let you know if you want it, it’s not that far off the default.


Thank you so much, didn’t get the opportunity to play yesterday but today I will set this up. You’re awesome! Thanks for such a quick response πŸ™‚

Would appreciate the bigwigs if you don’t mind.


The font I use is Roboto, the text warnings are as they come with big wigs (not had a reason to move them). The info frame I move so often so just put it wherever. They’re skinned using add-on skins (you can find add-on skins on curse or the tukui website). On the picture it’s the half-bar skin, I’ve switched over to the add-on skins non half bar variety though, chose which one you think fits you best. Just move and anchor the large bars to over the chat as seen in picture and change size to fit. The short warning bars (seen under bloodlust icon) are the same width as the player untiframe scale set 1 in big wigs, I just moved them straight up after that to a position that suits me and where I like to put things. The dps one is different, situated between the player and target frames and under weak auras (actually profile is just copied from healer profile and then I just changed the empahzised bars to different place). Any issues just poke again and I’ll see what I can do. Picture to illustrate:
comment image


Awesome, thank you so much. Looks so much better and easier on the eyes than my previous UI πŸ™‚


Not a problem at all. This is probably the longest I’ve stuck with a UI to be honest, it fits me, I like it as clean as possible, I have sensory processing issues so it’s created to around that.


I can see why you have stuck with it for so long. A lot of UI out there are so cluttered, this one is very clean and looks very nice to boot. Thanks again!


How did you make all of your borders thick to include the WA borders?


That’s AddOn Skins skinning the borders for me. Think you can achieve something similar with clean icons square/crisp for example if you don’t have AddOn Skins. Though it won’t be as thick as I have it, also requires you to have non pixel perfect as well iirc.


you’re amazing.


This is awesome. Any chance you are sharing it? Pleeeeeeease? πŸ™‚



Thank you! No I don’t mind at all. Here you go:

– ElvUI
– Add-on skins
– Weak Auras (if you want my strings just ask)
– Big Wigs
– Exorsus (not needed unless you need it for raiding yourself)

(unseen – clique, buyemall, postal)

ElvUI exports:

You can import these into Elv:

Raid-heal (for 20 (raid frames) up 30 (raid 40 frames)):

Raid 40:

Healing frames for 40man raids

Raid DPS:

For all sizes.

Add-on skins Big Wigs skin is Add-on Skins half bar. Font is Robot and Roboto_Condensed.

For all this to work you need to have the following fonts:
– Roboto
– Roboto_Condensed

I manually add these by putting them in Elv media folders and editing the sharedmedia.lua file. If you’re not comfortable with that you download the shared media add-on and put them in there.

You should be able to find the fonts in here:
That’s not my own folder but belongs to Roxanne.

I also have custom textures for healers/tanks/dps (used mainly for pug stuff). They’re found in Benik UI found here:
You can find them in the media folder called textures. They’re called: tank.tga, dps.tga and healer.tga copy paste those into the ElvUI media folder called textures (just replace with the default ones).

My actionbars are slightly lua edited like this:
In modules – actionbars @ 350: bar:CreateBackdrop(‘Transparent’);
In petBar: @ 265 bar:CreateBackdrop(‘Transparent’);
In stanceBar @ 314 bar:CreateBackdrop(‘Transparent’);

The special code stuff I have here you’d have to edit manually each time you do an Elv update. I also have some extra fonts applied to different elements and other minor lua tweaks, but you can’t tell that from the UI on the pictures. You don’t have to do the special stuff, it’s not really stuff you notice that much, apart from the fonts. But if you use a shared media folder there’s no need to tinker with code. I haven’t written my own add-on because well, I just dabble in lua and I don’t edit that much in code myself. If you want to edit in lua and haven’t done so before I recommend downloading Notepad++.


Any chance that you could just upload your WTF and Interface folders?


Any chance that you can share the media folder again the link doesn’t work. thanks !

Also I have a very noob question, from the beginning I have healed with Healbot and a very basic UI, however I really like your UI.
But I got some problem with the raid frame, In healbot I have set the right click for Riptide but on the raid UI I cannot right click (give me option menu)
Is there a way to change that? I’m pretty new to elvui and everything ….


Here you go:

Elv doesn’t have that function so you’d need to download Clique to be able to click frames (I use it myself). Found here: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/clique

Edit: Fixed font link.


Thanks a lot !


I have a slight updated version of the UI (it all looks the same pretty much these just have some tweaks in them).

Normal: https://wago.io/V14Ar8aAb

30+: https://wago.io/VJVmLI60-


I noticed both fonts weren’t in there, if you want them you can find them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx4hr785hRdoNEJOVlozakFQajg?usp=sharing


Thanks for sharing. I’m using Elvui with Vuhdo – I didn’t even realise that Elvui raid frames were decent! Im going to switch to the Elvui raid frames. Do the raid frames change depending on what size group you’re in like in Vuhdo? e.g. 5 man etc. If so which strings do I import from your list? Also if you could kindly share your WA that would be great. Thanks mate!


Resto string: https://wago.io/4ysEBtssW

The raid-heal profile covers 5 man and raid groups up to 30. The raid untiframe option in elv is set to 20 (for mythic) and the raid 40 is set to 30 (for flex nm/heroic). And they change on their own, nothing you need to do manually. The heal 40 profile is there mostly for world bosses and when I do the occasional 40-man bg or when flex group do odd things like put people in group 8 or something similar, since I have to make the frames so small I just have a seperate profile for it.

I used to be a Vuhdo user myself before switched to elv, I still need to set up some buffs properly, just not gotten around to it yet, too busy gearing πŸ˜€