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Keehn's UI

In this section we will let people share their UI’s (hopefully)! I will start off with showing you mine, go through my addons and share some of my Weak Aura strings. But first of all lets see the damn thing. 😀

Keehn UI

(click to enlarge)

As you can see on the image I use:

  • BigWigs Bossmods
  • Weak Auras 2 – Heavy use
  • ElvUI
  • Vuhdo
  • Skada

The most important of these being Weak Auras. I use it to track minor and major cooldowns, buffs and debuffs, I will add some of my strings (click on blue to find pastebin links):

If you need any specific timers, since going through all of them to look for a few can be tedious, just ask here or ingame.

DISLAIMER; I have had some issues with WA that has disabled the generic timer when you enable “cooldown” on the auras, you might therefore experience having two timers on a single aura. This is sadly true for every single of my WA’s.

Vuhdo is a great raid frame addon, and it is easily customized to fit your needs. I personally don’t use the built in clique system (anymore at least), but it is a great tool for starting out. The only real problem I have with it is that sometimes the tooltips of players appear as I hover over the player on the raid frame (hence the black on the top of vuhdo). It just haven’t bothered me enough to look for another addon to replace it with, simply because it is so easy to add groups of CD’s to keep track of, or whitelist/blacklist debuffs you want shown.


Tip! If you want to share your UI below. Either include an image by using the option ’embed’ on sites like Imgur (just copy and paste the code), or link to the actual image (don’t use a shortlink!). That way it will show up without any issues :).


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Hi all, this is my Healer UI, Vuhdo, weakauras and dbm.
I tried to make a clear UI to have a good vision of the encounters.



hey looks sooo good any chance you wanna share all u entire ui it loooks soooo sweet and clean


I used Towelliees with a few changes, no threat meter, no raid frames. I really like it though.





http://imgur.com/a/TRHKq this is my UI 🙂

I use: ElvUi – Decursive – DBM – Skada.


Hi guys, been a little while since I have visited. Nice feature sharing ui’s, I’m sure its helped ppl build their own. Just thought id share my simple little one and see what ya think. Still using blizzard standard ui with a few addons such as moveanything,vuhdo, tell me when, chatter and sexymap.


The two spaces on tmw are for earthen shield totem and gift of the queen, they were just on cd.