We asked members of the community to submit a screenshot of their resto shaman, to feature on each different post we’d publish for these guides. Above this post you see the screenshot of @mlunsted.

Additional note posted on the 27th of October 2016: This reset Torrent was nerfed (initial heal now is 30% instead of 40%). We want to share that we consider all three talents in the first tier valid (Undulation, Unleash Life, Torrent). If you are strongly playing into single target healing, you probably want to go for either Undulation or Torrent. You can swap between them as the content, group size, and gear versus difficulty changes.  Are you playing a chain heal heavy build? Consider using Unleash Life (for an empowered chain heal), especially when you received Jonat’s ring (legendary). Torrent can also be a valid choice. 

We want to start off by saying: we used every single talent. No joke, in one way or another every talent was used. So instead of saying these talents are right or wrong, we’ll explain when certain talents are beneficial. We did found certain talents to be more useful in dungeons, and some more useful in raids. It is important to remember that if you play a single-target-oriented build, you might want to stay away from High Tide.

Keehn’s raid talent build


Additional comments on this build:

  • Level 15: Torrent. It just means that you can keep playing as you’ve always played. It is just a more prominent instant single target heal. Which may cause you to overwrite an existing hot on the tanks, just because of the strength of that single target heal. It is easy to incorporate in your playstyle. If you want to play undulation instead, you would really need to play around it.
  • Level 45: I used Earthgrab on Ilgynoth. Watch out, rooted blobs change their fixate target.
  • Level 60: Ancestral Guidance interacts with cloudburst, and I love playing around with cloudbursts right now.
  • Level 75: Ancestral Vigor is of good use on for example Dragons of Nightmare (a spread fight).
  • Level 100: I ran with Ascendance exclusively. I’m not casting chain heal, so High Tide is not worth it. As both Ascendance and Wellspring interact with cloudburst, I played around with both. Wellspring is expensive, and I focus / build on Healing Rain (which is also expensive). I ended up settling on Ascendance. Having an additional cooldown is something that fits me, and I love getting 4 million cloudbursts off.


Dunderz’s raid talent build


Additional comments on this build:

  • Level 15: Because I play with echo a lot, Torrent just pulls ahead. If I wasn’t playing echo, the alternatives would be more interesting.
  • Level 45: I used Earthgrab on Ilgynoth, further just lightning surge (on for example the adds on dragons).
  • Level 60: Even though I used Ancestral Guidance baseline, I ended up using Crashing Waves (when using Ascendance or a marathon fight) on Dragons, and second (adjusted) version of Ilgynoth.
  • Level 75: Ancestral Vigor is my baseline. If there is a reason for the ress totem (Ursoc at 30%, Ilgynoth during blobs, Cenarius wisp explosions), I swap to it.
  • Level 90: I never went Bottomless Depths, my use of Echo and Cloudburst was 50/50. I used Cloudburst on Nythendra, Elerethe, and Ursoc.
  • Level 100: I started using Ascendance after the change on Ilgynoth. I used it on Dragons and Xavius as well.


Canibehealz’s raid talent build


Additional comments on this build:

  • Level 15: I used Gust and Graceful Spirit 50/50 in raids. I swapped to  Wind Rush for Ilgynoth for a quick room exit.
  • Level 30: Earthgrab is awesome on Ilgynoth and for the clones on Dragons.
  • Level 75: We used Ancestral Protection Totem on Ilgynoth (blowing up a lot of ichors every 6 minutes). We also used it the last 30% Ursoc, or consider using Ancestral Vigor there.
  • Level 90: If there’s a lot of movement I stay with echo, if not I’ll move to cloudburst.
  • level 100: As great as Wellspring performed in beta and early content, it is a niche ability (periodic bursts like on Krosus and Ursoc). It is rather underwhelming, don’t touch it without Cloudburst Totem. High Tide is my raid default unless raiders are spread or scenarios of burst damage occur. High tide has no positioning requirements like Ascendance does.


Halucinogen’s raid talent build


Additional comments on this build:

  • level 30: I used Graceful Spirit whenever the raid doesn’t need Wind Rush Totem, like on Ilgynoth (room exit) and Elerethe (moving out of the explosion).
  • Level 45:  Earthgrab on Ilgynoth.
  • Level 60: AG is not bad, but is nothing special either. I used Deluge here and there, but it needs focus to maximize. Focus I don’t always have because I’m leading the raid.
  • Level 90: I lead the raid, I don’t have time to manage Cloudburst so I prefer Echo. Tried Bottomless Depths on Ursoc, but I felt like I was getting enough mana even without it. If you struggle carrying out an optimized rotation you should avoid Cloudburst, until you feel more comfortable in the fight(s).
  • Level 100: I did use ascendance on Nythendra and Dragons, you could probably use it on Elerethe as well.


Dorelei’s dungeon talent build


Additional comments on this build:

  • The use of Undulation has been very popular in dungeons as well. If you find that your tank is almost never reaching full hp, and you spend barely any time healing anyone but the tank: you should consider using Undulation. However, in my experience, this only occurs at the start of the gearing process. Especially when you move into mythic +, the tank being one shot will be the problem instead of the single target healing. With the upcoming nerf to Torrent we might see more movement towards Unleash Life and Undulation.
  • Especially on the higher levels of mythic dungeons, you will find yourself having to move out of lethal abilities immediately. That is why I run Gust in dungeons by default.
  • Deluge is hard to maximize, so I usually end up choosing either Crashing Waves or Ancestral Guidance. I started off the expansion by running Crashing Waves. But as gear levels increase and live-or-die moments move towards burst damage on higher levels of mythic +, Ancestral Guidance is my new default.
  • I love Ancestral Protection Totem. Since a dungeon lasts longer than the average raid encounter, you can get a few uses out of this totem. The restriction on the totem (massive damage) does not occur in dungeons for what I’ve seen. Making this an ideal safeguard or ‘how to deal with high stacks on a tank’ in many encounters. I believe the other talents can be useful too. But once you start using APT, you might get stuck on it like me.
  • I’ve been intending to use Wellspring for a while now, but I haven’t. I only recently started Chain Healing more in dungeons, making High Tide valid. However, Ascendance fits my need for those bursty moments of spike damage, and is my current default.

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3 years ago

I had this discussion a few times with a shaman friend of mine, but I don’t get why Undulation isn’t a viable option as a talent as well. In mythic dungeons I ALWAYS use it, I tried Torrent a few times, but undulation is just simply an amazing talent. What’s the reason that this talent is not even advised as an option? 😀

3 years ago

Do you guys have any thoughts so far about the talent changes announced for 7.1.5? 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

You guys are the best :). I don’t know if I am reading it wrong, but on MMO-Champion, the post about the talent changes, has this listed: •Echo of the Elements Restoration Shaman – Level 90 Talent, with Restoration listed in red, like as if they are taking it away from Resto. (!?/insert puzzled face). And then there is the ‘lil nip they took at Chain Heal (As if Keehn cares with his play style :P), & buff to unleash and WS… My brain is spinning at the possibilities :P. It would be nice to cool my head with your guys’ take on it all. I never have time to hang in discord long enough to catch the good stuff. 😛

3 years ago

Hello! i just found out the site.. and gotta say, its really good! i was looking for something to improve my healing skills,
so i read the stats posts, and i always did focus on mastery>crit, i didnt know crit>mastery was an option, and now i really wanna try it, so in the moment im runing 32.23% CRIT / 10,49% HASTE / 76.59% MASTERY, is that good enough? and also i wanna now whats the best talents to a crit / chain heal based build?

thx and sorry for my bad english.

3 years ago

Really appreciate Halucinogen’s comments regarding talent choices tailored to raid leading. I am our guild’s raid leader, and I was really struggling to properly manage CBT, since my focus was spread so thin over everything. So many pops when raid was full health made me sad. Reading his bit there made me more confident to say, it’s okay just to do echo because its easier to manage (you gotta do what you gotta do!) (I still use cbt for Ursoc though) Looking over the other article as well, regarding everyone’s various play styles, I was able to make changes to better suit my needs, trying to balance raid leading and healing. Mixing in some of Keehns focus on single target low health mastery pumping heals, and mixing in some chain heal for stacked mass raid damage really worked better for my required play style as raid leader. Thank you all for putting in so much time and effort to bring us such awesome information and insight.

3 years ago

I am finding Wind Rush Totem very useful in mythic EN, especially evil tree and spider boss. Also Deluge and High Tide have a nice synergy with Focuser of Jonat, the Elder