We asked members of the community to submit a screenshot of their resto shaman, to feature on each different post we’d publish for these guides. Above this post you see the screenshot of @vikiserver – Ragnaros (US).

There are multiple ways to spec your resto shaman right now. On top of that, different scenarios allow for different rotations. We expect this diversity to settle down on more specific (cookie-cutter) builds towards The Nighthold. However, now there seems to be some flexibility. Therefore, we’ll share the rotations of four different chainheal.com-authors. Explaining what worked for them and why. For more insight, read our talent page to read more information about each build.

Dunderz’s raid rotation

Dunderz uses a Chain Heal focussed build and casting pattern.

Could you explain your approach to fights? It is the encounter that dictates what I play. We came into this expansion thinking this was going to be an expansion of throughput. We were wrong, it is all about cooldowns. I have never seen more emphasis on cooldowns. Cenarius (mythic) is a great example of where your throughput matters, but the cooldowns are the most important. You have bursty / key moments (wisps), which you need to deal with. The rest sorts itself out. That is why Ascendance is such a great pick on this fight. From a throughput perspective, High Tide is more appealing. However, from a cooldown perspective, it is great. Teams that are going to get these kills might not experience this. As the higher gear levels might carry these moments.

Actually, my playstyle is mostly decided based on Ascendence versus High Tide. When I play High Tide, I also pick up Ancestral Guidance. When I play Ascendance I usually pick up Crashing Waves. I swap in between Echo and Cloudburst, but they don’t affect my other choices.

What is your actual rotation? Riptide before anything. Then there is healing rain, but that is more fight dependent. I put Healing Stream out as fast as possible. But if people are dropping low, I’ll start pressing Chain Heal before dropping a Healing Stream.

Do you stack cooldowns? I don’t stack cooldowns. When I play with Ancestral Guidance and Cloudburst Totem I do pair them. I treat Ascendance as a separate cooldown. When I play Ascendance, I’ve already given up on min/maxing. I’m using it because we need it for a specific moment. I just use it to facilitate the moment where we need it.

How do you weave in Gift of the Queen? It is nice to pair with Ancestral Guidance. I actively think about feeding it into Cloudburst. I don’t use it when there’s nothing happening, just for the sake of using it.

Spell breakdown Dunderz
These is the spell breakdown on mythic Ursoc by Dunderz. You can see how he primarily focussed on Chain Heal during this fight.


Keehn’s raid rotation

Keehn uses a strict single target only build – completely avoiding the use of Chain Heal.

What is your actual rotation? I use all minor cooldowns on cooldown: Riptide, Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem. Additionally, I cast Cloudburst Totem on cooldown and benefit hugely from it. I fill with Healing Wave. Ocassionally I cast Healing Surge (only in life-or-death situations). I almost never cast Chain Heal.

How do you manage Gift, AG and Ascendance? I usually use Gift of the Queen when I have Cloudburst Totem up. You can pair it with Ancestral Guidance and/or Ascendance into your Cloudburst, it will just go through the roof.

How do you feel about cooldown stacking? You probably shouldn’t. It is better to spread out the burst healing, as you might not need the full power of one such a rediculous cloudburst.

Even though the Chain Heal build is considered the most competitive on Ursoc, these are Keehn’s Ursoc logs. He didn’t cast Chain Heal once. Highlighting the diversive power of the (mastery / single-target) resto shaman.


Dorelei: “If you are part of a small team (10-15 people), you will probably find yourself casting single target heals more than chain heals. Know that chain heal is more beneficial in large teams. There are more people to cast it on, and to let it bounce to.”


Canibehealz’s raid rotation

Canibehealz uses a balanced rotation. Casting both single target spells and chain heals.

What is your basic rotation? When I spec Echo of the Elements, I start off by casting Riptide on both tanks. I place Healing Rain in the melee area, or on ranged when they are starting stacked. During the fight, I only put down Healing Rain if there’s damage going out on a group. I usually also don’t spec Deluge. I drop Healing Stream Totem from the start. I cast Healing Wave as a filler, spot healing people. Healing Surge when it is absolutely needed. When there is AoE damage going out I’ll weave a Chain Heal, I don’t spam it.

How do you weave in Gift of the Queen? I’ll use it if the tank damage is consistent. I’ll use it on cooldown on the tanks, and usually it splashes to melee. If I spec Cloudburst Totem, I make sure to include it.

How do you work with Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance? Ascendance and AG are not mana efficient to maximize as raid cooldowns. Innervates or Hymns of Hope are great during this. When you don’t have Innervate available during Ascendance, you might want to be careful with your Chain Heals (normally we would spam it). Only cast it when it’s going to be effective raid healing. If you’re using it as a small cooldown, you should somewhat stick to your normal rotation (play into Tidal Waves). If you use it as a major raid cooldown, you’ll need to arrange for something like an Innervate. Otherwise, you have to eat the mana. With Heroism / Bloodlust this could add up to half of your mana bar. If you can cast free of charge, the crits will still refund mana, effectively gaining you mana during its uptime. Make sure your Riptides, Healing Stream Totem and Healing Rain are out before popping Ascendance.

Halucinogen’s raid rotation

Halucinogen uses a Chain Heal focussed build. He still uses single target healing as well.

What is your basic rotation? Cast riptide on cooldown, always. I still drop Healing Stream Totem on cooldown, but I’m not sure if it is still worth it. I cast Healing Rain on most fights on cooldown. I use it less on Nythendra. Fights like Cenarius, Ursoc.. 90% of the time I just cast chain heal. If I feel like someone is going to die, I resort to single target heals. When there’s not much going on I just cast Healing Wave on the tank. When raid damage comes in, you respond with a Chain Heal. When my mana is a bit low, I slow down on the Chain Heals.

How do you manage AG, Ascendance, and Gift of the Queen? If you play with Cloudburst Totem, you pair Guidance, Ascendance and Gift of the Queen with it. I tend to use Gift of the Queen preemptively as well. For example on a group before the charge comes in (on Ursoc).
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