We asked members of the community to submit a screenshot of their resto shaman, to feature on each different post we’d publish for these guides. Above this post you see the screenshot of Rensia – Madoran (US).

Every relic works, even if the trait is not connected. So no relic is ever wasted. On top of that, relics improve the item level of your weapon, increasing the intellect on it as well. As your weapon is your main source of intellect, and intellect is incredibly powerful (especially at the start of an expansion), you want to prioritize item level upgrades. Relics are largely dependent on what drops for you. As the raids move from progress into farm, this is our shopping list.
We defined three different profiles:

  • The single target raid build. You focus on casting healing wave and healing surge, and you avoid casting chain heal most of the time. You are mastery heavy.
  • The chain heal raid build. You focus on casting chain heal. You are crit heavy.
  • Dungeon build. You focus on single target healing. Playing into healing rain is not as important to you.


  • ++ extremely favorable
  • + favorable
  • +/- not bad, ok-ish



Single target build

Chain heal build

Dungeon build

Tidal Chains


Pull of the Sea ++ +


Empowered Droplets


Ghost in the mist


Caress of the Tidemother
Buffeting Waves





Queens Ascendant

+/- + +

Additional comments to the single-target build: The incoming nerf on Torrent (40% to 30%) might increase how interesting Undulation is. Playing Undulation might make Buffeting Waves as a relic more interesting than Pull of the Sea. 
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