Legion launch survival guide!

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It’s fine… It’s fiiiiiiine…

No reason to panic! Sure your UI might be completely broken. Half your spells are gone. People are talking about Cloudburst Totems and how on earth are we going to heal without our artifact! But just stay calm, don’t FREAK OUT! Together, we can do this. Oh noes, all your Weak Aura’s are broken! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER.  We will defeat the Burning Legion, resto shaman style.

Most of the info below was presented at the start of the pre-patch. The one thing that is super up-to-date is our ‘state of the resto shaman – legion launch edition’. This is where we describe how we enter the expansion. As indicated a few weeks ago, we will all commence progression with our own teams shortly. After that we’ll meet up, and create the mythic resto shaman boss guides. As well as share our builds. See you on the other side!!


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