We asked members of the community to submit a screenshot of their resto shaman, to feature on each different post we’d publish for these guides. Above this post you see the screenshot of @sacagaming.

We want to start off by saying thank you to Wowhead for making such an incredible artifact calculator. We used it to generate the images below. If you are interested you can check it out at www.wowhead.com/artifact-calc/.

The information thus far available on this website, was based on our last experiences on the beta. Needless to say, a thing or two changed when it all went live. As a guide-writer I found myself torn between the demands of the top-end raiding progression, an increasingly successful business and the time to write content. Therefore I’m extremely happy to finally share my / our thoughts on artifact progression with you.

How we left the betach-keehn-artifact-build-2

This image should look familiar. This is what we shared would be our initial path of progression before the raids opened. This build could be achieved with 21 traits, achievable with basic artifact farm efforts if you reached max level early on. With the full benefit of Empowered Droplets, which was insanely powerful on the end of the beta. Benefitting of Queen’s Decree feeding your Cloudburst Totem, which was the go-to talent in raid testing. Empowered Droplets and Queens Ascendent were the most impactful ones, and with two golden traits right after, this selection made a lot of sense. With the foresight of the progression at least lasting a week or two (or so we thought). We considered this to be a solid start. Later we would find that this build would provide a solid build in dungeons, and support a mastery-oriented build.

How we look at it now

The artifact traits can be divided into three segments:

  • Single target / dungeoneering: right side
  • The super important one for everyone (riptide), and if you raid (healing rain): left side
  • The raid power beam traits: middle

No matter what build you choose, you will always want to improve the strength of your Riptide. Which is why Pull of the Sea is such an amazing trait. Whether you decide to continue building upwards (to Empowered Droplets) depends on if you raid. If your main action takes place in dungeons, you might want to give other traits priority over Healing Rain. Because of how strong Empowered Droplets is, it hardly can be a waste to spend artifact power on. Even when you only run dungeons.

Moving towards the right has two purposes:

  • Improving your single target healing: increasing healing of your Healing Wave / Healing Surge, and reducing cast times of your next direct heal.
  • Improving your Cloudburst output: Queen’s Decree will feed into your Cloudburst Totem.

Moving towards the middle gives two benefits:

  • Improving your ability to spam Chain Heal: increased Resurgence from Chain Heal and increased crit chance on Chain Heal.
  • Improving your output of two big cooldowns: healing done during Heroism / Blood Lust and of your Healing Tide Totem.


How to dungeon

If you wouldn’t enter raids, but stick to dungeoneering, this would be a solid start to a dungeon artifact build (20 traits):


During heroic week (the week when normal and heroic difficulty raids open), a few crit heavy builds showed up. Chain Heal spam could actually work with early gear levels. So it was no surprise a lot of people starting building their artifact like this (19 traits):


It is important to realize that our ‘golden traits’ are not that amazing. Most times they are bugged, and the traits before them impact our healing more. Before you spec your artifact, think about the following things:

  • How many traits can I spend? This can be 14-16 for off specs, or perhaps 19-21 when artifact research is a little further developed.
  • What kind of activities will I be doing? Are you solely focussing on raids, or dungeons, or maybe both?
  • How competitive is my healer team? Are your healers pushing each other? Maybe you should focus on the crit build. Are your healers laid back and not so much focussed on the meters, then consider running a mastery build.


For the off specs

Both builds below are composed with 16 traits. At a mere 33.450 artifact power, perfect for a casual off spec build. Especially after you gained a few artifact research ranks. Starting with the left (first) one, providing a solid start for raid healing. Ending with the right (second) one, suited for comfortable dungeon healing. The choice for 16 traits is a random chosen number. The level of artifact power is easy to obtain. The number of ranks allows you to pick up a few key things from the artifact.

ch-16-trait-ch-raid-build-2 ch-16-trait-dungeon-build

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