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As Legion has progressed from Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighthold, and now on to the Tomb of Sargeras. One question has remained a constant: “What legendaries should I be using?” This question can be frustrating, what if you don’t have access to the top two choices? Or what if you just don’t think that a specific legendary fits the fight you’re working on? Below, is a tiered ranking of our legendaries, as well as small blurb from each contributor, telling us what they plan to run and why.


Tier 1 – the best

These are the best of the best – the legendaries that have proven to be effective across a wide variety of fights and playstyles.


Roots of Shaladrassil

Main armor pieces generally carry the most stats. Legs are among the highest budgeted pieces. As a result, the legendary Roots of Shaladrassil are definitely over budget. The stat gain alone is worth an incredible amount of throughput. This legendary is only made better when you factor in its effect – which can account for 4 to 8% of your total healing across a fight. This healing feeds into Ancestral Guidance, Ascendance, and Cloudburst Totem. It is a fantastic choice and is probably the only legendary that isn’t niche. They will almost always be worn if you can get your hands on a pair.


Velen’s Future Sight

Velen’s has an incredibly high stat budget for a trinket. This alone helps make it a strong contender as a baseline choice. What pushes it to be one of the top legendaries is its potent active.  The 15% healing increase and overheal distribution is very powerful, as our cooldowns innately overheal quite a bit. It also allows us to boost our throughput, even when our other cooldowns are not available.  This legendary is a solid, all-around choice.


Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus 

Prydaz is well budgeted, with a socket. It is most effective on fights with large burst damage that could prove fatal, as the absorb shield is fail-safe on a short cooldown (30 seconds).  Personally, I view this as a lite-version of Roots, in the sense that it provides survivability and a large amount of stats, just no intellect.



Tier 2 – the mediocre

These legendaries aren’t weak – but they aren’t strong. They mostly fall into the “niche” category. They can be strong but require specific circumstances.


Soul of the Farseer

Soul of the Farseer has great stat allocation for the slot, but the lack of intellect hurts. This legendary shines in Mythic Plus, where you effectively use both Cloudburst Totem and Echo of the Elements. The ring provides a grace period, allowing you to not miss potential uses of our pseudo-cooldowns, Healing Stream Totem and Riptide. It is also useful in a situation that includes high spot healing as well as raid throughput, such as Mythic Mistress Sass’zine.


Fire in the Deep

The chest is lackluster, even when considering its large budget of stats (main armor pieces carry a lot of stats – hello Crit and Mastery). The chance to gain Ascendance is not only unpredictable, but it can be entirely useless if it procs at an inopportune time. At 15%, you will gain the proc roughly once every 7 Healing Rain casts (technically, a guaranteed 3 procs per 20 casts). As a result, this legendary is one of the midtier legendaries – not awful but is not a reliable throughput increase.


Praetorian’s Tidecallers

The stat allocation is decent on gloves, but not amazing. With the loss of T19 4 piece, Tidecallers have lost some value. Increasing Healing Stream Totem is a nice boost. It also adds 2 additional seconds to a fully stacked Healing Tide Totem and an additional 2 ticks of Spirit Link Totem, both back to back. Tidecallers will shine.

in fights where your major raid cooldowns will be fully effective, and the extra duration will not result in overhealing.


Focuser of Jonat, the Elder

The potential of Jonat is unlocked on long fights that require efficient play and use of Tidal Waves, like early Mythic Guldan. While the stats are not great, the ability to play in a mana efficient manner, and have a large burst of healing when required, can be strong on progression. Unfortunately, the nerfs to this legendary, coupled with poor scaling due to lack of intellect, have knocked this down to a mid-tier legendary.


Uncertain Reminder

Uncertain Reminder is a well itemized, well budgeted legendary. Unfortunately, it is niche due to its effect. If you are able to effectively utilize the extended duration of both Bloodlust (or its Alliance equivalent: Heroism) and Sense of Urgency, then it becomes quite potent. It is mostly seen on farm content for speed kills, as well as fights with extended burns that Bloodlust is used for (such as Mythic Desolate Host).


Elemental Rebalancers

The Elemental Rebalancers fall into a similar rut as the talent Deluge. Not only can we not guarantee that the targets that require healing will be in the Healing Rain, but Chain Heal is unpredictable as well. It is important to note that the increase in healing is applied to all totems, but not to Healing Rain. The Rebalancers gain effectiveness when the entire raid is stacked for the duration of an encounter.


Tier 3 – the weakest

These legendaries either thrive in a healing environment that just doesn’t exist or provide next to nothing in comparison to the other tiers.


Sephuz’s Secret

This legendary is peculiar, to say the least. Being a ring and having an odd stat allocation does not bode well for it. However, it does have a socket. If you are able to consistently proc it, it does become decent. It is among the best of the worst. You will notice a gain, but it just isn’t very potent. The movement speed increase is also nice. This legendary will shine in scenarios with a frequent dispel, interrupt or add that can be crowd controlled to utilize its effect.


Nobundo’s Redemption

The bracers don’t offer a large throughput gain, although the itemization is not bad. They will rarely see the light of day, but their niche is similar to Jonat. It allows you to efficiently weave Tidal Waves usage by enhancing the use of Healing Surge.


Intact Nazjatar Molting

The belt is effective in its niche – a group that is constantly at low HP and will allow for chain riptides. Unfortunately, its strength lies in a healing paradigm that does not exist in current fights. Should a Tyrant Velhari or Chimaeron-esque fight ever appear, this legendary could prove potent.


What are we wearing?


“Roots because the stats don’t only give me >2-3% in stats, but the passive gives 4-6% on every fight. Prydaz for the same reasoning, 3 competitive stats, passive providing 4-6%. No other legendary comes close to either of these effects.”


“I’ll be using a mix of legendaries. Velens and Roots because they’re both strong and versatile. I will also use Soul of the Farseer since some fights may favor Echo of the Elements play, but I still want to retain the ability to have Cloudburst as part of my toolkit. I will also use gloves because 4pc T19 is still strong. Finally, the chest could be useful in niche situations.


“I will be running Soul of the Farseer and Velens on the majority of fights. I think that Farseer is very powerful in allowing me to maximize my Riptide usage, which is impossible to do otherwise. I do swap to Roots in a situation where self-healing is important.”


“The first legendary I plan to use is Roots of Shaladrassil. These provide an insane amount of stats, a self healing effect that equates to about 5-8% of your total healing, and a roughly 20khps feed into cbt ag and velens. They are the one I will not take off. The other will start as velens, but with the strength of the sea star and deceivers grand design I may find myself switching out for prydaz on most encounters due to the lack of strong necks in the instance and its excellent passive/stats, or, to Lust helm on encounters that favor it.”


“I’ll be running Roots on every fight, the stats are just too good. Otherwise, I will be swapping between Velens and Soul of the Farseer depending on the fight.”


“I plan on using a mix of legendaries for progression. I tend to move a lot and take a lot of personal responsibility for mechanics soaking in my raids so some fights will not lend to the pants being a good choice for me, however there are some fights where they will come in very handy. My general setup for our first 3 bosses was Velens and Praetorians, because I maintained 4P19 for the first couple weeks. Im looking forward to using T20 and Pants on Host and of course Prydaz and Velens was used on Sisters because of the movement losing value for pants and increasing relative value for Prydaz. Fire in the Deep still strikes me as a completely random legendary and though I’ve seen logs of it excelling, I’ve also seen logs of it in an ideal situation where its only 2-3.5% of healing because it didn’t proc when it should/could have to be more useful. I look forward to being able to use Velens in many scenarios but also swapping it out for Fire in a sustained encounter to give it a try despite its randomness. I always tailor my legendary use to the encounter at hand, which involves having a lot of gear sets and off pieces in bag”

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Hi there ! Prydaz and Roots keen admirer here ! That combination is definately the best for progression at least cause it provides huge amounts of survivability (I can almost ignore hard hit mythic boss abiities without having to stop my casts, well ok not 100% but in many cases). Great synergy cause Velen’s lacks stamina so it reduces the possible amount of hps that the previous 2 can provide throughout boss encounters that last 5-10 mins.