Item upgrades returning in 6.2.3

With the upcoming patch (6.2.3), we will see item upgrades returning. It will be the homecoming of an old friend/foe: Valor Points. We will be able to upgrade each item with 2 stages, consisting of 5 item levels each. The cost of a single stage will be 250 valor points. This means that upgrading your entire gear set will cost you 7500 valor: 15 pieces (16 with off-hand). There won’t be an actual hard cap of valor you can earn each week, the limitation is the sources from which you can earn valor.

How can we earn valor?

  • Each different mythic dungeon will award you valor once per week. In different words: there are 8 dungeons, each will give you 300 valor once per week. This provides you with a total of 8 x 300 = 2400 valor per week.
  • A weekly event quest will be available at Seer Kazal (Pet Battle Event excluded), awarding you with 500 Valor Points.
  • Every first heroic dungeon you complete per day, will award you 100 valor points. If you complete a heroic dungeon each day of the week you can earn a maximum of 7 x 100 = 700 valor points.
  • Each Raid Finder wing will award you valor points, once per week. This means that in total you can obtain:  (3 Highmaul wings x 75 valor) + (4 Blackrock Foundry wings x 75 valor) + (5 Hellfire Citadel wings x 150 valor) = 225 (Highmaul) + 300 (Blackrock Foundry) + 700 (Hellfire Citadel) = 1225 valor per week.

Dorelei: Before you get really upset over having to run LFR – in two weeks you can be fully upgraded.

This bring the total amount of valor we can earn per week to 4875. This means you can perform 19,5 item upgrades per week (9 full upgrades).

What do you upgrade first?

But then there is a dilemma: what piece do you want to upgrade first? How do you maximize the value of your Valor Points? In order to determine which  piece has the highest value for us, we want to look at our BiS list. Let’s look at the two-handed weapons as an example:

two hands bis chart

In the table above, you can see how the two-handers in HFC compare. Each item has its own value assigned. The higher the value, the more valuable the upgrade.  It will most likely follow the order below (due to amount of pure stats on that piece).

The upgrade priority

  1. Weapon(s) – these items have the highest value, purely due to raw spell power.
  2. Trinkets – will have the second priority because of the impact trinkets have (Demonic Phylactery woooo!).
  3. Hefty pieces with a bunch of stats (Chest, Legs, Helmet).
  4. Smaller pieces (Shoulders, Gloves, Belt, Feet).
  5. Off-pieces (Neck, Rings, Bracers, Back) – could be higher if you desperately crave the spirit.

What items can be upgraded?

The following items will be eligable for upgrading:

  • Items from the raid ‘Hellfire Citadel’
  • Crafted items
  • Baleful items
  • Draenor dungeon drops (not timewalking)
  • Loot from Kazzak

Of course changes can be made to both the PTR and live versions. We will update this post as announcements come along. Currently, this post has been updated based on the info of the patch notes of the 3rd of November 2015. Wondering what item is your best in slot? Then check out our resto shaman HFC ‘Best in Slot’ list (BiS) and ‘Trinkets in Hellfire Citadel’ posts.

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I think for shaman resto will not be a big gain as large as holy pala or priest


In the patch notes for 6.2.3, I didn’t see anything mention a weekly valor cap. I should assume this means there will not be a weekly cap on valor?