Thoughts on Odyn

Odyn is a fight that we shamans dislike in a few ways. People are spread all over the place. There are clusters of people divided among the room (from a 30 man perspective). In a way, it reminds me of Blast Furnace. Parts of the group clustered but scattered around the room. With everyone closer together for the final part. I cleared the entire raid with my basic / chill raid build. One that allows me to play comfortably while looking around to understand fight mechanics (Torrent, AG, Echo, Hightide).

I can imagine cloudburst totem being interesting here. There are periodic waves of damage coming in on the raid, before and after the raid needs to be topped off. I haven’t looked into timing coherences, but I can imagine this being effective. Charging your cloudburst through healing rain might be less effective (relatively) as on some other fights, but it depends on your raid size and positioning tactics and execution. Single target healing (spot healing in general) will be effective due to spread positioning. Since people are spread in clusters, your chain heal bounces around nicely.

As you have to soak a beam, SLT is a great cooldown. Towards the last few percentages, the ress totem would do wonders as well. Giving everyone a bit more HP to survive and ressing the quite probable death from tornado-related incidents. Cooldowns mostly revolve around getting people topped before damage comes in. Apart from the last push, where continuous sources of damage and derpiness take away chunks of people’s health.




Thoughts on Guarm

This fight is built with two alternating phases: p1 is static/leaping Guarm, p2 is Guarm running around. Reminds me of Fenrir come to think of it. Nice to see they stick to a similar theme with all the dog types.

Now this fight is starting to look better for us. Two clusters of players, that move as one when the real damage is coming. One of the major decisions I had to make was gust versus Graceful Spirit. I found gust to be so convenient jumping between breath colors, as I made my way to mine. But having graceful spirit can be so lovely for when you’re avoiding a running Guarm. I did found myself more comfortable moving to my breath color on time after a few pulls. Increasing the value of graceful spirit.

This fight allows pretty much all builds of the resto shaman to excel. You have the periodic damage (breath’s) to burst with CBT and the constant padding of echo that clearly works as well. Single target healing that prevails during the downtime of the fight. A few chain heals after the breath (or during the running with an innervate) just do wonders. Cooldowns like the ress totem and SLT are particularly effective when the boss starts running around. This phase is like any high damage on the raid meets movement fight. You want to set up a solid line of healing / defensive cooldowns, and you’ll be golden. Don’t forget to precast a healing rain in the epicenter of all the running.




Thoughts on Helya

Oi this boss. This was some good fun. For most of the fight, positioning is suboptimal for a resto shaman. But there are plenty of moments where you can benefit. A melee cluster or ranged camp can be a proper healing rain spot. And when you deal with the adds on both sides, the whole raid will be close to you.

A warm welcome back to the Earthbind Totem, which sneaked its way back into our spell books. How lovely to see this ability return. In combination with a capacitator totem and everyone’s brushed up mythic+ skills, dealing with these adds should be manageable. Not to mention what a god sent Gift of the Queen is when you’re all standing there with adds leaving pools of green stuff.

I believe that if you have the gear required for an encounter, you focus should be on helping your team live through the difficult situations. HPS is not really a concern during pulls like this. From that perspective, I believe the ress totem can be very forgiving to the last part of the fight. There is almost no space to stand, let alone kite those dreadful orbs. And you’re being forced to choose between the lesser of many evils. Yes, vigor will give you more through the entire fight, but this key moment can be really smoothened out with a talent like ancestral protection totem. This is probably the moment where I should point out that I ran with Earthen Shield Totem, as we had 3 resto shamans. I know, I’m ashamed of myself /giggle.

Helya is a messy fight. Multiple stages alternating the flow of the fight. Due to the many risky moments that go with it, having bursty cooldowns felt good (think AG and Ascendance). Don’t forget those innervates from boomies – allowing you to cast free of mana with additional haste. Although I have to admit, I pretty much always forget.


What about you? What did you think of Trial of Valor? Do you share my experience? Or do you have different suggestions? Let us know, down here in the comment section.



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