Since this guide was written quite a while ago, we recently did an update article. Interested in what changed? You can find it right here!

Notice: we only highlight the resto shaman perspective of Archimonde mythic. We will not cover all of the mechanics.


Talent choice(s):

Level 60: Echo of the Elements or Ancestral SwiftnessYou can use both talents on this fight, extra Spirit Link Totems will be a bonus in phase 3 when soaking the Mark of the Legion. The same can be said about the instant heal granted from picking up Ancestral Swiftness. We lean towards using Ancestral Swiftness, since you will struggle to find use for Spirit Link Totems before phase 3 (unless people make mistakes).



We consider the Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Focus to be close to mandatory on this boss. You will have to min-max it’s use at a lot of times. 


Cooldown usage:


There are several points here where you will pop cooldowns. The mentioned cooldown use might be slightly meter padding, and it will only work out if you are assigned for the same Wrought Chaos. Aside from phase 1, your cooldowns are most likely going to be specifically asigned for certain waves of incoming damage. 

Shadowfel Burst (1st in phase 1): After people are getting knocked up you wait a second, then pop Ascendance and Spiritwalker’s Grace and start pre-casting a Chain Heal as you move onto the bursts. Just keep spamming until you get the Light of the Naaru buff. This falls under the category meter padding.


Dunderz: ‘I use Healing Tide Totem on the first Desecrate and then on the third Wrought Chaos wave in phase 2.’


Desecrate (3rd): The buff Light of the Naaru tends to fall off as the 3rd desecrate spawns. The group will take heavy damage from having the 3 pillars up. This is when you want to use Healing Tide Totem.


Wrought Chaos (3rd and 4th in phase 2): Since the Wrought Chaos are affecting the entire group, it will result in heavy raid damage. You will need to use healing cooldowns on these. First use Ascendance, and try not to use Spiritwalker’s Grace. On the last one you can use Healing Tide Totem and you should be entering phase 3 right after.


Rain of Chaos (3rd and 4th phase 3): This is when Archimonde starts spawning Infernal Doombringers, causing very heavy raid damage. You have to use cooldowns as they come up. Ascendance on the 3rd and Healing Tide Totem on the 4th is recommended.



In phase 2, if you are assigned to heal someone (a hunter) that is soaking Doomfire, make sure to put Earth Shield on them and pre-hot them with Riptide. Spam Healing Surges onto them, to make sure they don’t die. If you are assigned, you or your assigned player can get affected by Shackled Torment. Ensure that you can maintain your healing while breaking the chain or dodging his. It is helpful to communicate in between shaman and hunter when the hunter should pop Deterrence. This will relieve pressure on the shaman.


Save your Spiritwalker’s Grace in phase 3 since it will line up perfectly with every single Rain of Chaos (assuming that you use Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Focus).




Dunderz: ‘Stand close to Light of the Naaru buffs, stay within range of hunters, stay within range of your designated group for Mark of the Legion in phase 3.’


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4 years ago

in p3 if you are in the left range camp you can use your SL totem on the left group until the mark explodes and then you can use totemic projection to swap it into the right range camp and give them the benefit too. its pretty nice and brings a lot of stability to the fight when you are still struggling to handle the healing in p3. helps a lot when you have only 3 players in the camp at certain points too

4 years ago

Would you normal update guides given that raid dps is alot higher with valor upgrades, and phases now end faster?

I’m finding i dps most of p1 until the 3rd pillar with no cds at all, 2nd wrought chaos is overlapping now with adds, so we burn CDs there instead

We’re raw healing through shadowfel burst since 85% of raid can mitigate the fall dmg, and we only get one burst.

Rain of Chaos we haven’t nailed yet where p1 and 2 are over so fast, our CDs arent ready for them