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      Pretty recently rerolled shaman, but I’m pretty happy with how mine is treating me so far. It’s a mix of exorsus, elvui and weakauras for the most part, I prefer to build the action bars and weakauras around each other rather than using duplicate space for buttons and a full hud. Probably not ideal for everyone, but it works for me!

      Bars are:
      Gray – KJ trinket duration on target
      Thin green – Spiritwalker’s Grace
      Thin blue – Cloudburst
      Thick blue – Healing Rain
      Thick Green – Queen’s Gift

      Bottom right is my raid CD trackers, text column is rezzes/ankhs, then major raid healing CDs (+c-shout, darkness and innervate), then personals like BOP and GS

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      Wow, it’s super cool! Can you share somehow please?

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