Where can a person effectively complain about not being able to move SLT?

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    So the start of the expansion, you could target a location for spiritlink totem, just like during WoD if you had totemic projection.  It was my main goto tanking damage reduction cd, because I could use the health of the mdps to help stabilize the tank.  Then about a month and a half ago or so, it switched to dropping at my location. Now it’s pretty close to useless, since there’s a lot of aoe damage around tanks these days.  Not to mention I’m usually well behind the tank with rezzing or drinking or throwing down a lightning surge totem, so the extra time to get there can be fatal.  Or I have to pop spiritwalker’s grace to be able to use SLT.  And quite often if I get too close, I start getting pretty unhealthy pretty fast.  Any other thoughts out there?

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    That’s annoying 🙁 It sounds like a bug the only thing to do as far as I know is to make a bug report in game/on the website in the account section. You could also trying writing a ticket and see if that helps.

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    Hi Mate,
    I found out some “mechanism” of wow a couple of days ago.

    There are targeting functions called @player and @cursor.
    They cause your spells, which usually need to be placed with an extra mouse click (confirm the green circle, so to speak, via left-click), to be placed instantly. Either exactly where you stand (@player) or where your mouse is (@cursor).
    Proper Macro would be:

    #showtooltip Spirit Link Totem
    /cast [@cursor] Spirit Link Totem

    For some reason, maybe its an option in the menu, it seems like you got some automatic “@player-cast”. Maybe it even works with Self cast modifier, e.g. if your self cast modifier is ALT, and u got SLT bound to Alt-Q or whatever, it casts “@player”.
    Hope this helps u out!

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    Huh. So everyone else can still project their SLT, it’s just my settings?  I really need to pop by these forums more often. Thanks, Belitie, I’ll set up that macro tonight.

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