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      Was just curious i us ag most of the time and i was thinking about switching to undulation and crashing waves

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      I use (1/2/1/1/2/3/1).

      Earthen shield totem is kinda meh in a 5-man group, but so are the others in that tier. Crashing waves + Echo gives you plenty of tidal waves, so those are great.

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      The bigger your pulls are the more interesting Earthen shield is… with 10+ mobs hitting the tank in intervals of about 30 seconds where we would stand still to nuke a bit, it makes sense to drop the Earthen shield totem for me. It often times is my go to choice when my lightning surge totem is still on cooldown, but the next pull is already on tank threatening to go enrage for example. It will also soften hits from very fast hitting mobs (brh) and soften aoe situations with a lot of different ticks. Multiple arrow barrages at once come to mind. Having half a second extra to cast and react for everyone is very valuable in my opinion.

      Running mythic+ with raging means we aoe stun a lot, wich in turn means whatever mobs come out of the stun, the all hit or finish their casts at the very same time. Damage that would not have been dangerous if it was staggered can all of a sudden kill people before you have any chance to heal them. 10+ Imps casting some kind of aoe fireball stuff come to mind. Earthen shield totem is great for that.

      I also often use it to get some breathing room to cast gotq. Dropping the totem on someone that is being chased by 40 angry bats up the stairs in BRH feels nice aswell, since usually people get hit at least a little before they manage to gtfo. I really think it has its moments. But it surely depends on playstyle.

      Also I’m always happy when I can drop a few gcd skills to nuke a boss. It doesn’t usually amount to more then 130k in the end, but hey, everything counts.

      During necrotic affixes last week I would almost always use the Ancestral protection totem, just so we have a way to not wipe because of stacks if something went wrong. Yet I don’t value the health increase so much, I think it devalues gotq wich does the same thing whenever I really want/need it. Also 5 minutes is so long when some runs only last for less then 18. It’s good for cheesing a few mechanics though.


      This is my go to.


      Considering undulation and crashing waves,… I think it might very well increase your healing output. But I doubt you would be as mana efficient. Running with volcanoes and very little time to replenish mana, I even use the renferral mana reg trinket sometimes instead of the haste+movementspeed proc trinket from cos. So I’m glad whenever I can drop some totems, riptides a rain and DPS, when people start getting damage I would drop instants again and use AG to nuke for just a little bit longer. This usually covers the perion during wich we use bloodlust, and I don’t think the dps is entirely unimportant. I save a lot of mana, and we save time, and nobody dies.

      But just pick talents for the occasion really. You should think about what is going to be a problem, and try to cover that with your talent choices as best as you can.

      If you need super heavy sustained healing over periods of more then 20 seconds, and with a frequency that doesn’t allow you to reliably have a cooldown ready. Sure maybe you need to buff your wave+surge spamming. Maybe.

      I’d first think about avoiding the kind of damage that forces me to do that, because we as a group will surely lose time when I have to heal that way.

      My thoughts, would be interested in what others think, since I have not been running super high mythic+ 10+

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