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      Mainly just curious about other peoples keybinds… I feel like I should finally submit to buying a gaming mouse (especially after just getting a new gaming laptop, replace EVERYTHING!)

      At the moment I’ve got everything bound to keys 1 to 5, with alt and shift modifiers, and keys around WASD (Q, E, R, F, G, Z, X, C, V) also using Opie for my utility totems and some of the smaller cooldowns, and have ES, gfit and dispell bound with clique…

      So what are your opinions on optimal keybinds? And how huge is having a gaming mouse?

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      I personally have everything bound, every single spell/item I have found use for I have on my bar. The downside of this is the product of having 50+ binds, and honestly if I had to map that without my razer naga I would go crazy, so for me it has been massive going from a mouse with barely any additional keys to one where you can fit half your spellbook. (https://gyazo.com/935c09cd96fa979409e33649eda5a2dd to give you an idea 😀 sidebars are usually hidden)

      That being said we see a lot of spells disappearing in Legion so you wouldn’t necessarily need that many binds, I experience a lot of empty spaces where I usually have binds, a lot of totems and buffs are scrapped (some of which could’ve gone a lot sooner!). But then again resto shamans are the healers with most bindings from my experience, we have no less than 11 totems which in my perspective all should be bound. Then on top of that we have utility spelss, heals and what not that every other healer possess, so it’s only natural to feel a little shorthanded I think.

      Keybindings are a great deal of the healing game, as well as a proper UI to inform you of what is going on and what you have at hand. It’s just important to bind the most frequently used bindings where you have the easiest access and then as the spells lose importance or usage it should be replaced further away or on binds harder to achieve (i.e. with modifiers). This should also be to make sure that you don’t missclick important cooldowns at silly moments.

      I have small nerdy hands so it’s easy for me to access some of the close keys around WASD but when reaching further away than 4,r,f then it’s an issue for me to bind beyond that, hence why a mouse with a lot of keys is a massive quality of life instrument (also makes it easier for me to hit the various keys on the mouse).

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      Yeah just what I thought, I just have too many spells/macros to keybind them all without a proper mouse. Got Opie for this reason but it’s far from ideal (having to drag mouse all the way to the opposite side of raid frames, bleh), guess I could’ve utilized clique more but I’ll wait for a mouse now.

      Looking forward to playing with new keybinds for the first time, things tend to go horribly, horribly (hilariously) wrong.

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      I don’t know HOW I managed to get by without my Naga. Going from a regular old mouse to a Logitech “gaming” mouse with a few buttons on it and to the Naga Razer was GAME CHANGING.

      I would say 95% of all my spells are permanently bound. I have a couple of spells I “swap” in and out of a certain keybind, depending on the fight. The majority of my healing spells are all non modifier buttons on the side of my mouse(1-12). The only modifier I use is shift + (1-12) on the side of my mouse. I don’t use any ALT or CTRL modifiers. Ghost wolf and water shield are bound to the two top buttons on my mouse while flame shock = mouse wheel up, interrupt = shift + mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down = searing totem and shift + mouse wheel down = astral shift.

      It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. I would say most definitely get yourself a gaming mouse. Naga is great, I just bought my second one this past Black Friday on sale for 40 bucks. The normal retail price is around $60-80 so not bank-breaking by any means. Good luck!

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      I have everything keybound. I like the numbers 1-4 using CTRL, Alt and shit combinations so it keeps things nice and clean

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      I assume you mean shift? :>

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      I use too many keybinds to list them up sadly 🙁

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      With legion and some friend/foe smartcast macros combining purge/purify, healing wave with lavaburst aswell as riptide and flameshock I have barely more than two actionbars full of hotkeys, even if I hotkey every ability I have and leave room for encounter specific macros and trinkets I won’t get over three bars worth of keys.

      I use mb4 + mb5, keys 1-5, “q”, “e”, “y” (“z” for english keyboard)and “x” with shift, alt and ctrl modifiers.

      I don’t use most of the hotkeys during raid because I have bound all my healing casts (no totems or big cooldowns) and dispell with vuhdo. (“1” is my /stopcasting +Purge/Cleanse, while the Vuhdo action is without /stopcasting when it’s not that urgent) I have bound my mouse so that I can easily reach spells that I can use during sudden movement, and while I have both spells seperate I combined Astral Shift and Spiritwalker’s Grace in a way that would cast Astral Shift if I use it wile not casting (probably because I’m already moving because I was standing in something terrible) while still preserving the ability to cast Spiritwalker’s Grace during another cast.

      But since I have no raid and I’ve only been playing shaman for a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be going to change it around a lot until I’m comfortable.


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      I put movement keys on SDF (left strafe, fwd, right strafe) and then use QWERTYAGZXCVB.  I’m using a 12-button mouse, but I don’t like it.  It’s the Corsair Scimitar and I can easily reach buttons 4 – 12, but the first rank and button 1 in particular is very difficult.  Button 1 is so close to the desk that I can’t effectively engage it.

      Anyway, rotational spells are on WERT, Purify on Q, Healing Stream Totem on A, Shear on G, focus Shear is on SHIFT-G, Cap on Z, Healing Tide on X.  Major cooldowns are on ALT-Q through ALT-R.  I haven’t set it up yet, but I plan to use 1 – 3 for Arena 1 – 3 Wind Shear and ALT-1 through ALT-3 for Arena 1-3 Hex.  MW-up is Party-1, MW-dn is Party-2.

      I use SHIFT for self-cast.

      On my mouse, buttons 4 – 6 are Flame Shock, Lava Burst, and Lightning Bolt.  Button 3 is Bloodlust, Button 2 is Chain Lightning.  Button 7 is Ghost Wolf, 8 is Healing Rain, 11 is Chain Heal.  ALT-7 is my ground mount, and ALT-8 is flying mount.

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