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      This is from the raid tonight. You can see my logs for Ursoc and Nyth aswell and those seem to be ok (still could be improve though) but i can barely seem to break 200k in most attempts and i thgink it might have to do with my spec but IDK. My spec was as follows: Torrent, Gust, Lightening Surge, Deluge, Ancestral Vigor, Cloudburst, High Tide. I ran this same build for ursoc and maybe it was a mistake to run the same spec for renferal but idk. Any help would be much appreciated. Also this is my first post so if I should link or list something else let me know.

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      Sorry it’s taken so long for you to get a response, real life has gotten in the way and as such there hasn’t been enough time to look through the logs. If you still need help I can recommend checking out the resto shaman channel on the Earthshrine discord and see if someone can help you in there (there often is), link found on this site.

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