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      Which is the trinket bis pre raid for restoration shaman? Ty

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      I am running the trinkent off glazer and I am looking for a second even though i am shooting for the mastery stacking trinkent for 20 seconds off the spider boss in violet hold

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      but i would like more insight as to what is bis

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      Two of the best options for Pre-Raid trinkets are going to be Naglfar Fare and Amalgam’s Seventh Spine. Naglfar Fare has a pretty insane effect tied to it that procs all the time and very rarely goes to waste because of the nature of the effect and Amalgam’s Seventh Spine has static intellect and a fair amount of mana recovery to help with any efficiency problem we may have while spamming Healing Surge in a Mythic dungeon.

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      I’ve been using Concave Reflecting Lens from Glazer, and also Thrumming Gossamer from VH. I personally have only used Naglfar Fare on my Monk and haven’t really seen it do anything; and personally i like Thrumming Gossamer for the mastery proc. Personally Thrumming Gossamer is a no contest, but the second trinket can be up to preference.

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      For raid, ill be using Thrumming Gossamer + Bottled Hurricane or Amalgam’s Seventh Spine depending if im lacking Mana on raid bosses.

      I like Bottled Hurricane, the basic stat isnt interesting but the on-use is pretty decent. It charge from everything (riptide hots, tidal pool, queens decree, healing rain etc). Downside : you cant charge it with overheal. Not good at all for MM+ but OK for Raid.


      I tried too Concave Reflecting Lens but its pretty inconsistant and the IA on the proc is just “random 3 more target”, it does not take care if its missing HP or not. It can be fantastic if he chains proc and group is low hp as it can no proc from a 2-3 min fight.

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      As mentioned above, Naglfar Flare looks pretty awesome on paper, have yet to get one. I had a Bottled Hurricane at lower item level (~815) and it was great all the way up the heroics. The on-use was very strong considering it was a 815 trinket and the radius seemed to line up perfectly with healing rain. As of rite now I am using the Infernal Alchemist Stone @ 850 ilvl. I believe versatility is a very strong and underrated stat, the proc is very strong / happens often, along with the 40% potion / flask increase, I would easily consider to be my BiS trinket as of rite now (pre-raid). Other than the alchemy stone I would say Bottled Hurricane or Thrumming Gossamer, which ever one you can get higher. Gossamer if you want something static / no on-use / arguably better base stats, Hurricane if you like on-use / haste / cool tornado effects inside your healing rain.

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      Personally the darkmoon card promises at 850 ilvl is amazing in terms of regen. It averages out at about 1150 mana saved per spell and with the static int trinket, and is better then the mythic cocoon, in that you don’t have to stop healing works passively. If you don’t need mana regen Thrumming Gossamer is going to be bis especially at 850 ilvl. Not only does it give us huge static int it also gives us a decent amount of mastery which is our top stat for progression. The third trinket I would have would be Concave reflecting lens from Glazer in vault of the wardens. Gives a huge amount of static crit which is our third best stat closely behind mastery. Also the equip effect is pretty nice especially on AoE fights, our niche.

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      Currently using the Darmoon card at 850 and really liking it. For my second trinket I’ve gotten the Concave Reflecting Lens from Vault at 840 and the Mote of Santification from Halls at 845. The Lens seemed pretty underwhelming in my tests, usually doing about 3% or less of my healing with no control. The Mote has been really nice though. The passive mastery is huge, and if I get a solid use on 5 people it’ll do around 5% of my healing whenever I need a little push.

      Obviously this is all subject to change in a raid setting, but so far the card and mote are my go-tos. Still hoping to pull the Gossamer next week though.

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