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    My guild did Odyn Heroic last night and I was wondering what talent choices the chainheal community was running for the different fights in this raid instance.

    Last night on Odyn I was running with a chain heal build of: Unleash Life, Gust of Wind, LST, Ancestral Guidance, Earthen Shield Totem, Cloudburst Totem and High Tide.

    In retrospect I will probably switch from EST to Anscestral Vigor next raid when we attempt Odyn since there really isn’t much ticking or pulsating dmg where EST really shines (Dragons and Cenarius f.ex).

    I also felt that during phase 2 when the valarjar adds was up, chain heal wasn’t that effective since ppl were so spread dps’ing adds on the different runes. Other than that the build felt strong.

    What talents are you running?

    Any discussion regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I actually like to take EST on this fight because generally it’s our mdps that are soaking the shields of light and it cushions those hits a bit.

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