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    Hello fellow Shamans!

    I have a little Problem which i hope can be solved here. I am looking for a Weak Aura which Shows my Tidal Waves in like…a half circle around my toon.

    maybe i am too blind but i really havent found a single one yet which is Fitting for me


    regards, Healde

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    Hey Healde,

    I had the same problem not too long ago, so I made this WA.  It’ll display an arc to your character’s left if you have 1 charge of Tidal Waves and another arc to your right if you have 2.  It also has a fade animation indicating the amount of time left before your buff runs out.

    One charge:


    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Tommy,

      I tried to import your Weak Auras but they aren’t working properly.  Any chance you’ve got an updated version?

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