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      Hi guys,

      I know HPS isn’t the ideal measure of a resto shaman but I need to up mine, seriously. I don’t want to be looked at as the red-headed step child of the raid and I need to up my game.

      I’ve linked the logs from our most recent heroic clear, some fights I did decently on, others I was downright terrible. It looks like the fights with movement mechanics give me the most trouble, I tend to focus too much on moving and not so much on the healing. I’m also guilty of not having enough uptime on my stream totem/riptide.

      Any tips very much appreciated, armoury and logs linked below



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      It’s my first time posting here so I hope you don’t mind my feedback, as i’ve had a quick look over a few of the fights. I’m sure someone else/better will look in to your logs more thoroughly later.

      For starters your guild is 5man healing heroic (mine does too), so you’ll struggle to get really good parses. However a few things I noticed from a few of the fights where you are quite a bit behind the other resto shaman are:

      You don’t use Healing Wave enough, you want to maximise the use of your tidal waves. You do use Surge a bit, but it’s better to use wave instead of surge unless they are very close to death, on Gul’dan you only have 16 casts, compared to your other resto shamans 68 casts. Are you finding you have mana issues? As this would help.

      You also don’t use your mini cooldowns enough, ancestral guidance used twice in an 11min fight. GotQ used 4 times, you mention use of HST and so forth. Cloudburst is also lower than it should be. You’d be surprised how much this will improve your hps.

      I find for the more movement heavy fights that EotE makes things a bit easier (plus you aren’t as focused on timing cloudburst if you aren’t used to the fight yet), but that’s all personal preference.

      Hope some of this helps.

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      Thanks jonbear

      You’re right, the 5-man parses aren’t going to help but I’m still comparatively low (and the Paladin only just came back to the game and isn’t fully geared yet – makes it even worse!)

      I am guilty of panic healing at times and surging people I see as low. That comes from my previous guild where my defined role was bringing up low people due to the comp we were running. I’m trying to be more of a raid healer now but I’m not the fastest to learn the rhythm of a fight and so CBT is being utterly wasted (and worse, I’m pouring mana into it only to have it heal no-one) so you’re probably right that EotE would be better for me. I’m new to CBT, never used it in WoD but the RL wanted me to use it.

      My plan right now is to go through each fight, get a feel for how long it is and look at the peak incoming damage and try to schedule my cooldowns, conservation periods and spamming CH periods. Does that sound like a plan?

      I’m a bugger for hoarding cooldowns in case I need them and then never using them or as you saw, using them once or twice rather than to their full potential. I tried to argue this as a viable strategy in progression, if people aren’t dying then I’m not doing wrong etc, but all I’m being told is I need to do more HPS. Thinking about it maybe just ensuring I always have at least 1 CD ready to go would be the way forwards, otherwise drop them at semi-regular intervals when damage is coming in.

      I could be over thinking all of this so tell me if I’m talking rubbish 🙂

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      A good paladin will normally be above you on farm though (with 5 healers), our mastery doesn’t shine until progression (or if the raid is just taking alot more damage than they should be). I usually stat a bit more for crit than mastery on farm. I heal with a mistweaver monk and i never beat him on farm as he snipes all the heals with Revival :P. Pretty sure he waits for me to place healing tide…

      I used to use Surge too much, and sometimes i still do (but only if i know i don’t need to conserve mana as much), but a tidal waves buffed healing wave is a fast and very efficient cast, so don’t underestimate it.

      CBT timing is very fight dependent, and will take a while to perfect timings (in all honesty, i don’t use it on farm as i don’t need the extra aoe healing, plus i don’t want to respec between heroic bosses). First time we did Skorpyon on mythic I instantly chose it though, as it was much more needed.

      You should, as you do the fights more, get used to when incoming damage is. For example on gul’dan you can use AG after fel meteors, or after slams on Krosus. So you can time Cloudburst around that, also there is no harm in activating it early, especially if it would benefit from AG or something (place cloudburst, get some healing into it, activate AG before it pops etc). Smart use of our cooldowns is where alot of our hps comes from.

      I’d personally just focus on making sure you correctly utilize tidal wave stacks, keep HST up (it’s like our most mana efficient heal, by a margin i think), use your mini cooldowns as often as possible without wasting them. If i notice i’m struggling for hps on a boss has kill videos, and you can choose to watch some other resto shamans do fights, which can help you learn some timings you might be missing. Alternatively this site has some log analysis guides that can help.

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